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Mark Levinson No 53 500 watt

Mono Blocks On Display


$70,000 SRP.


Demo Pair Available.


JBL K2 S9900 in Premium Rosso Corsa Red


..."JBL's latest Project K2s reach new peaks in resolution and can claim to be among the finest speakers money can buy."  Hi-Fi News and Record Review



$88,000 SRP



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The Gold Reference GRF 90 is a limited edition speaker marking TANNOY’s 90th Anniversary. Utilising a 300 mm (12") Gold Reference Dual Concentric driver housed in a beautifully designed, oiled walnut cabinet, provides the opportunity for music lovers to own an exclusive and high performance loudspeaker from the world-famous TANNOY Brand. GRF 90 uses the initials of the company’s founder, Guy R Fountain, who started the company in London in 1926.



Tannoy GRF 90 Limited Edition in Stock


$25,300 SRP.

Kef LS50 Wireless on Display


$3000 SRP


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