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NEW PMC Twenty5.23i on Diplay



Full Line of Focal Speakers in Stock

From Chora to Utopia Series


Pictured are the gorgeous


Chora 806  $1290 SRP

Aria 936     $6990 SRP

Scala Utopia Evo  $66,990 SRP

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JL Audio Gotham V2 in Stock


World class performance and multiple rave reviews.


$24,000 SRP


Tri-Art TA-0.5 Turntable features


* 24 Pole Synchronous AC Motor

* Brass Pulley

* 33.3 & 45 rpm

* Belt Drive

* Bamboo Platter

* Levelling Legs

* Bronze Collar Bearing with Steel Ball


* Aluminum Sub Platter with Steel Shaft


Arm features


* Three Ply Bamboo Laminate 12mm Thick

* Soaked in Hemp Oil

* Sealed in Beeswax

* VTA & Azimuth Adjustments

* Bronze with Brass Collar Spike and Synthetic,

* High Viscosity Grease Bearing

* Cardas Wire 33 AWG  Uninterrupted from

  Headshell Clips to Brass Female RCA

* Silver Plated Cartridge Clips

* Micro Bubble Level Included

$725 (Without Cartridge)

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ISO Acoustics Products On Display


Rave Reviews and Numerous Accolades from the HiFi Press, Pro Studios and End Users

Evo 150 and Evo 75

Both In Stock

Cambridge Evo 150 All-in-One Player



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New KEF LS50 Meta in Stock



Kef_LS50_Meta copy KEF_Logo Cambridge_Evo_150_#HTC1122671520196_Demo Cambridge_Evo_150_System_#HTC1122671520196_Demo Cambridge_Logo Utopia_Scala_Noyer_Nat_34_PT_For_Site PMC_Twenty5.23i_White