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VTL IT-85 Integrated Amp

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60 Watt Beauty Driven by

4 x EL34s



New Ortofon Century Turntable

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Includes Concorde Century




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JL Audio Gotham V2 in Stock


World class performance and multiple rave reviews.


$21,499 SRP

VTL_IT-85 Tri-Art_TA-0.5_Turntable

Tri-Art TA-0.5 Turntable features


* 24 Pole Synchronous AC Motor

* Brass Pulley

* 33.3 & 45 rpm

* Belt Drive

* Bamboo Platter

* Levelling Legs

* Bronze Collar Bearing with Steel Ball


* Aluminum Sub Platter with Steel Shaft


Arm features


* Three Ply Bamboo Laminate 12mm Thick

* Soaked in Hemp Oil

* Sealed in Beeswax

* VTA & Azimuth Adjustments

* Bronze with Brass Collar Spike and Synthetic,

* High Viscosity Grease Bearing

* Cardas Wire 33 AWG  Uninterrupted from

  Headshell Clips to Brass Female RCA

* Silver Plated Cartridge Clips

* Micro Bubble Level Included

$725 (Without Cartridge)

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Rave Reviews and Numerous Accolades from the HiFi Press, Pro Studios and End Users

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Bluesound Now in Store!

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