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JBL Everest DD67000


..."If you want bone-crushing

dynamics this speaker delivers

in spades. If you’re chasing

electrostatic panel-type soundstage

depth and imaging, it provides that

too...they allow forensic inspection of recordings and deliver revelatory detail" - HiFi News


$110,000 SRP


Show Demo Pair Available


Interesting Trades Considered




The newest ProAc model, the Response DT8, has landed at Audio Eden.  


From the ProAc website;


"The latest ProAc floor standing design, the new Response DT8, incorporates these design parameters for the first time in a ProAc two-way design. Utilising 2 x 6.5 inch drivers, the pulp mica cone unit delivers exceptional bass performance in a ported cabinet with the bass loaded via side vents and the polypropylene unit gives a smooth, detailed and uncoloured midrange. Both drivers work in tandem resulting in a well extended low frequency response and ProAc's signature natural sounding midrange quality and pinpoint imagery. These frequency ranges are then cleverly overlapped by a new, Stewart Tyler designed, crossover which seamlessly integrates ProAc's proven 1 inch soft dome tweeter, offset on the front baffle, and placed between the 2 drivers."


We also have most of the other models on display including the Tablette 10 up to the K6.


ProAc_DT8.jpg ProAc_Logo

$4550 SRP in Standard Finish

$5450 SRP in Premium Finish (Pictured)

Screen Shot 2017-09-02 at 10.55.06 PM_edited VPI_Designer_Leather_Prime.jpg

VPI Designer Prime

In Stock

Rega_Planar_8 Rega_logo

New Rega Planar 8 in Stock



$4299 with Ania

$4999 with Apheta 2

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$6499 SRP

$4999 SRP

$3999 SRP