Pre Owned and Demo Speakers

BOWERS & Wilkins Z2 wireless music system. Excellent versatility and performance.  In-store cash and carry. Includes original box.

PMC PB1i speakers in cherry finish.  Excellent dynamics with taut, well extended bass and smooth highs.  Some blemishes, functionally excellent.  Interesting Trades Welcome.  In-store pickup please, we haven't the boxes.  Trade-in pair.

REVEL C205 centre channel speaker.  Show demo in gloss walnut finish.  Excellent clarity, dispersion and dynamics.  Stand not included.

SPENDOR Classic SP1/2R2 monitors in dark walnut.  Gorgeous midrange, deep, rich bass and sweet highs.  Lightly used demo pair.  Stands not included.  In-store pickup please.

MONSTER THX Select 200 Subwoofer. This beauty can move some air. Features a 12 inch woofer powered by an internal 200 watt amp. Gorgeous gloss stained cherry finish. Minor blemishes, functionally excellent.  Trade-in.  In-store pickup please.  

SPENDOR LS3/5a BBC monitors circa '93. Accomplished mids and a sweet top end. Some blemishes, functionally excellent. In-store cash & carry.

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TOTEM Acoustic Dreamcatcher monitors in cherry finish.  Minor blemish, functionally excellent.  Trade-in pair.  In-store pickup please.
















Amps/Pre Analogue Digital

REVEL Concerta M12 monitors in black ash finish. Features a 1" micro-ceramic composite tweeter and 6.5" micro-ceramic composite woofer for a detailed, beautifully extended presentation. Minor blemish, functionally excellent. Buy with confidence from an authorized Revel retailer.



JBL Synthesis S4700 floor standers.  JBL can reproduce that "live" feel like no other.  Top tier dynamics, midrange expressiveness and refinement from top to bottom.  Some blemishes, functionally perfect.  Trade-in pair, originally purchased from us.  Buy with confidence from an authorized JBL retailer.  Interesting trades considered.  In-store pickup.  




TANNOY Revolution XT 6 monitors in dark walnut finish.  B-stock pair with a minor blemish, functionally excellent.  Excellent imaging and beautifully voiced.  Available for in-store audition.

QUAD ESL 63 USA monitors.  Seductive mids and expansive soundstage. Includes original manual.   Trade-in pair for in-store pickup please.




REVEL M16 monitors in gloss white finish.  Taves Show pair in excellent condition.  Includes original box.  Stock photo for reference only.




WILSON BENESCH Orator speakers in cherry finish. These British beauties are very well balanced with excellent detail and a sweet top end. Some blemishes, functionally sound.  In-store pickup please.



MERIDIAN DSP5500HC center channel speaker. Features 4 drivers each with dedicated 75 watt amps. Minor blemish, functionally excellent.  Trade-in.  In-store pickup please.



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REVEL M105 monitors in high gloss walnut finish.  TAVES Show pair.  Hard to beat at the price.  Includes original boxes.  Stock photo for reference only.



BRYSTON Model T subwoofer.  Deep, powerful bass via 3 x 8 inch woofers driven by a 600 watt RMS amp.  Demo unit.  Boston cherry vinyl finish.  Some blemishes, functionally excellent.  Includes original box.




SPENDOR A5R floor standers in cherry finish.  These British beauties have first rate midrange reproduction allied to taut bass and smooth, extended highs.  Demo pair.  Making room for the new A4 and A2.  Includes original boxes.  Interesting Trades Welcome.



KHARMA CRM 3.2FE floor standers in metallic aubergine (dark purple) finish. These beauties from the Netherlands have been upgraded with Kharma's "Black Label" drivers. World class dynamics, resolution and extension at the frequency extremes.  $21,000 USD SRP when they were current.  In-store pickup only please.  Interesting trades considered.

MIRAGE HDT-F LCR speaker. Includes grille.  Some blemishes, functionally sound.  Trade-in.





KUDOS C30 floor standers in gorgeous maple finish.  A darling among reviewers and the Editor's Choice at Hi-Fi Choice in the UK. Includes original boxes.



KEF Blade floor standers. World class fit & finish, engineering and performance.  Deep, lightning fast bass with palpable mids and a sweet, highly resolving top end. These British beauties "disappear" in spite of the stature. Minor blemishes, functionally excellent.  Trade-in pair, originally purchased from us. In-store pickup.



KEF R300 Monitors in gloss black finish.  Class leading resolution and dynamics.  Super build quality and a gorgeous aesthetic.  Includes original box and packing foam.  Stands not included.  Trade-in pair.



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ACOUSTIC ENERGY AE22 Passive monitors. Studio calibre resolution and dynamics. Includes original boxes.  Trade-in pair.  Stands not included.


BRYSTON AC-1 Micro center channel.  Black ash finish.  Hard to beat at the suggested retail price, without peer at the used price.  Trade-in.


SPENDOR A3 floor standers in dark walnut finish.  Taut bass and gorgeous midrange.  Our store demo pair.  Recently discontinuted.  Includes original boxes.  Interesting Trades Welcome.




REVEL Gem2 monitors.  Lovely midrange and sweet, extended top end.  Gorgeous mahogany finish.  Can be wall mounted or stand mounted.  Interesting Trades Considered.  Price does not include stands in photo.  



KUDOS Cardea C10 monitors in maple finish. Exquisite midrange detail with taut, punchy bass. Includes original box. Minor blemish, functionally excellent.  Interesting trades welcome.




Bryston_Model_T_Sub_Boston_Cherry_Vinyl Revel_M105_Walnut Tannoy_Revolution_XT-6F

TOTEM Acoustic Model 1 Signature monitors in maple finish. Lovely balance of resolution and sweetness. A hi-fi gem from one of Canada's own. Minor blemishes, functionally excellent. Stands not included.  Includes original box and packing foam.


TANNOY Revolution DC4T floor standers in a dark espresso finish. "...a sound which is invariably open, coherent and thoroughly engaging." - Paul Messenger (Tech Our Demo pair.





Spendor_A3_Demo_Rega_RX-1_Demo Revel_Gem Spendor_LS3-5a_D

MONITOR Audio Silver 10 floor standers in gloss white finish. Includes grilles.  Trade-in pair, approximately a year and a half old.  In-store pickup please.



REVEL F35 floor standers in piano white finish.  Excellent mid-bass punch with expressive mids and a refined top end.  Beautiful condition, includes original boxes.  



TOTEM Sky monitors.  A performance that belies their compact size.  These Canadian beauties are only 10 months old.  Originally purchased from us, customer traded up to larger Totems.  Black ash finish.  Small blemish on bottom of one speaker.  Functionally perfect.  Includes original box and packing.  In-store only.


ROGERS LS3/5a single BBC monitor in black ash finish. 11 ohm.

In-store cash and carry.




JBL Synthesis S3900 floor standers.  Show demo pair.  Includes original boxes.



Micromega_AS-400_System_JP_Meridian_DSP5500HC_MZ Kudos_C30_System_AP Kudos_C10_System_Retake_AT ReveL_C205_Walnut_S206_Black_Show_Demos Bryston_AC1_Micro_F Tannoy_DC4T_System_Retake Revel_M16_White Simaudio_Moon_750D_System_Retake_Jan_2017_Mirage_HDT-F_System_Retake   copy Mirage_HDT-F_Retake copy Classe_CP-700_System_Bowers_&_Wilkins_803_D3_HTM2_D3_System_RM_For_AE



Revel_F35_White_Demo Spendor_A5R_Retake Revel_M12_Kudos_S50_H_System_Retake   copy LFD_DAC5SE_System_#113_Demo   copy Rogers_LS3-5a_Retake_Single_Black_Ash_11_Ohm_#050971_C&C Rogers_LS3-5a_Retake_Single_Black_Ash_11_Ohm_#050971_Grille_C&C Acoustic_Energy_AE22_#A70400054&A70450050_ML Acoustic_Energy_AE22_System_#A70400054&A70450050_ML Totem_Model_One_Signature_Maple_#M1SMA2916-17_KB PMC_PB1i_System_#001111&1112_EB PMC_PB1i_#001111&1112_EB Monitor_Audio_Silver_10_White_System_#900361_JW Monitor_Audio_Silver_10_White_#900361_JW Heybrook_HBS1_Spendor_SP1-2R2_Edited Kef_R300_Skylan_24 Totem_Model_One_Signature_Maple_#M1SMA2916_17_System_Retake_KB Kharma_CRM-3.2-FE_#Ci-02_Aubergine_System_GD Kharma_CRM-3.2-FE_#Ci-02_Aubergine_GD

KEF LS50 monitors in black finish.  Great detail and dynamics.  Trade-in pair, includes original box.  Stands not included.  




SPENDOR S3/5R2 monitors in cherry finish.  Lovely balance of resolution and top end smoothness. Demo pair.  Includes original box.




Spendor_S3-5R2_Demo_Cherry Spendor_S3-5R2_System_Demo_Cherry_Edited

Bowers & Wilkins Diamond HTM2 D3 centre channel in gorgeous satin white finish. One owner trade-in, approximately 19 months old. Includes original box.



Bowers_&_Wilkins_HTM2_D3_RM Classe_CP-700_System_Bowers_&_Wilkins_803_D3_HTM2_

ROYD RR1 compact floor standers. Amazing PRaT...these little beauties work especially well with LFD, Naim and Exposure electronics. Minor blemishes, functionally excellent.  In-store pickup only please.




TANNOY Revolution DC4T floor standers in a dark espresso finish. "...a sound which is invariably open, coherent and thoroughly engaging." - Paul Messenger (Tech Trade-in pair.  In-store pickup please.



KEF R400b subwoofer in piano black finish.  Includes original box and packing foam.  Stock photo for reference.




Kef_R400B Royd_RR1_#018243_JS Royd_RR1_#018243_System_JS Monster_Subwoofer_200_Grill_#07071000155_LW copy Monster_Subwoofer_200_07071000155LW   copy Wilson_Benesch_Orator_System_CS

TOTEM Acoustic Sttaf floor standers in gorgeous walnut finish.  Beautiful condition, includes original boxes.  In-store pickup only.




Dynaudio_Stand_6_24 Totem_Dreamcatcher_#8912&13_PH