Pre Owned/Demo and Special Pricing on New Speakers

YAMAHA NS-A825A monitors in black oak finish.  Punchy and detailed.  These American made gems are without peer at the used price.  Numerous blemishes, functionally sound.  Stands not included.  In-store cash and carry.

TOTEM Acoustic Signature One monitors on display.  Beautifully balanced presentation with rich bass and a smooth extended top end.  In-store special.

TOTEM Acoustic Forest Signature floor standers in stock.  Gorgeous high gloss cherry finish.

PMC Twenty5.23 floor standers in amarone finish. Amazing speed, depth and articulation.  Factory sealed.  Interesting trades considered.  Recently replaced by the new "i" version.

TOTEM Acoustic Metal V2 in gorgeous gloss black (Dusk) finish.  On display.  

KEF LS50 Limited "Stealth" Black Edition.  Brand new in stock at special pricing.  Only 1 pair remaining.

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ASW Cantius 304 centre channel speaker.  Gorgeous real wood veneer.  Articulate and dynamic.  Minor blemishes, functionally excellent.  In-store cash and carry.















Amps/Pre Turntables/Cartridges Digital

TOTEM Acoustic Dreamcatcher monitors in elegant cherry finish.  Incudes original box and grilles.  Trade-in pair.  



REVEL Ultima2 Voice2 centre channel speaker in piano black finish.  Features dual 8 inch woofers, 5.25 inch midrange and a pure beryllium 1 inch tweeter for world class clarity and palpability.  Show demo unit, includes original box.  Dedicated (demo) stand also available.  Interesting trades considered.



KEF R500 floorstanders in gorgeous walnut finish.  Special pricing on brand new and factory sealed...these are a discontinued model.  Buy with confidence from an authorized Kef retailer.

SPENDOR A3 floor standers.  Taut bass and gorgeous midrange. Includes original boxes.  Trade-in pair.




PIEGA Premium 1.2 monitors with matching 300 stands. Features a ribbon tweeter for a beautifully extended and smooth top end. Taut bass and expressive mids. Swiss made.  Minor blemishes, functionally excellent. Original boxes.  Approx SRP on the speakers is $3500 and another $1000 on the stands. Auditions welcome.  




TANNOY Prestige Stirling GR in walnut finish. Includes original box, manual and accessory pack (wax and jumpers).  Trade-in pair.



JBL Synthesis K2 in standard wood grain rosewood finish.  15 inch driver with Alnico magnets.  "JBL’s K2 S9900s are a fantastic pair of speakers that deliver a spellbinding combination of dynamics, insight and finesse ..exceptional resolution..superb low frequency performance" - What Hi-Fi?



Please call for Availability of Items.



ProAc Response DB3 monitors in black ash.  Brand new in stock.



EPI 100V monitors.  Has mismatched drivers and some blemishes.  As-is for in-store cash and carry.  




JBL Synthesis S4700 floor standers in stock.  Pictured is our former demo pair for reference.  



KEF LS50 Wireless monitors.  Original version pair with box and manual.  Excellent bass and dynamics especially for their compact size.  In-store auditions welcome.

TOTEM Acoustic Wind Design floor standers in high gloss ICE white finish.  Excellent detail, imaging and dynamics.  Includes original boxes.  





TOTEM ACOUSTIC Tribe I on-wall speakers in satin black finish.   Includes magnetic grilles.  No boxes.  Trade-in pair.  In-store pickup only please.



FOCAL Kanta 1 monitors in gorgeous walnut and dark grey mat finish.  Factory refurbished pair with full Canadian warranty.



PROAC DT8 floor standers.  Gorgeous mids with full, tuneful bass.  In stock.  



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VANDERSTEEN 2Ce Signature II floor standers with black oak trim.  Multiple positive reviews.  One owner trade-in pair.  Includes dedicated stands.  In-store pickup please.


JL AUDIO E-110 subwoofer in gloss black finish.  1200 watt amp powering a 10 inch driver.  Incredible depth and speed.  In stock.  


PROAC Centre Voice in Cherry finish.  Features drivers similar to those in the Tablette 10.




REVEL Ultima2 Gem2 monitors.  Lovely midrange and sweet, extended top end.  Gorgeous mahogany finish.  Can be wall mounted or stand mounted.  $14,000 suggested retail for speakers alone.  Stands in photo included as-is.  Interesting Trades Considered.  In-store pickup please.  Discontinued model.  



PMC Twenty5.21 monitors in gloss black finish.  Demo pair at special pricing.  Interesting trades considered.  




REVEL M105 monitors.  Gorgeous gloss walnut finish.  Dynamic, punchy and detailed performance.  Over achievers at the price.  Mint condition.  Includes original boxes.


PMC Fact.3 speakers with dedicated stands. Graphite poplar finish. ATL™ (Advanced Transmission Line) design for deep, lighting fast bass. Features silver plated binding posts, military grade glass-fibre crossover boards and Sonomex™ soft-dome tweeters. Speakers allow for fine-tuning with audiophile grade rear switches for bass and treble.  Trade-in pair.  In-store pickup only please.






TOTEM Acoustic Tribe Tower in stock.  Bass and dynamics that bely their slim footprint.  MSRP shown is for premium Dusk and Ice finishes.  In-store special.



REVEL F35 floor standers in gloss white finish.  Excellent mid-bass punch with expressive mids and a refined top end.  B2-stock pair, includes original boxes.  Pictured is our previous trade-in pair for reference.  


TOTEM Acoustic Sttaf floor standers in gorgeous white finish.  Excellent demo pair, includes original boxes.  In-store pickup only please.


KUDOS Cardea C1 monitors in white finish.  Unused...opened for the photos. Taut bass with expressive mids and a beautifully extended top end. These were purchased from the previous Canadian distributor.  In-store auditions welcome.




PROAC K3 floor standers in gorgeous walnut finish.  Kevlar driver allied to a ribbon tweeter with Alnico magnet.  On display.





JBL 4367 floor standers.  These beauties have it class dynamics, resolution and extension at the frequency extremes.  Show demo "B1" pair in stock.  Interesting trades considered.



YAMAHA NS-5000 speakers with matching stands.  Full range monitors with Zylon drive units.  12" woofers.  On display.  



PMC Twenty5.23 in gorgeous amarone finish.  Demo pair.


PMC Twenty5.24i series on display.  Available for in-store audition.



TOTEM Acoustic Kin Play powered monitors.  Demo pair in black finish.



KUDOS C1 monitors in satin white finish.  Brand new factory sealed pair.




TOTEM Acoustic Sttaf floor standers in gorgeous walnut finish.  Mint demo pair, includes original boxes.  Interesting trades considered.




ENERGY EXL-16 monitors.  Some blemishes, functionally sound. Trade-in pair.




KEF LS50 in limited edition "Racing Red".  Factory sealed pair.  Stock photo for reference.  



KEF S2 stands in Carbon Black finish.  Designed for the LS50 and Wireless series.  25.9" high.  Trade-in pair.  In-store pickup please.  



PMC Twenty5.23i in stock.  Latest version.



LS3/5A clone using Kef T27 tweeters and B110 woofers.  Not an official  BBC monitor but these little beauties perform admirably with palpable mids and a smooth top end.  In-store cash and carry.


TOTEM Acoustic Rainmaker monitors in cherry finish.  Factory sealed new old stock pair.


SPEAKER CRAFT Ruckus 6 One outdoor speakers.  In-store cash and carry.    



JBL Synthesis 4312SE 70th Anniversary monitors in stock.  These beauties were introduced to mark JBL's milestone year and are no longer in production.  JBL designs are a benchmark for dynamics and that "live music" feel.  Limited to current stock only.  Interesting trades considered.



KEF R5 floor standers in gorgeous satin walnut finish with rose gold drivers.  Excellent dynamics, quick deep bass and a refined top end.  Includes original boxes.



KEF LS50 Wireless II speakers.  "Each tweeter is driven by a 100W class A/B amplifier that delivers a smooth, incredibly detailed treble performance. Dedicated 280W class D amplifiers power the mid/bass drivers, for room-filling, controlled sound up to 108db".  Brand New In Stock.  


CELESTION Impact 10 monitors.  Some blemishes and a cracked grille frame...functionally sound.  In-store cash and carry.


REVEL Performa3 F206 floor standers in walnut finish.  New in stock.


KHARMA CRM-3.2F floor standers in gloss black finish.  Made in the Netherlands.  World class dynamics, resolution and extension at the frequency extremes. Some blemishes, functionally perfect.  In-store pickup please.



PMC LB1 centre channel speaker in black ash finish. Blemish on back corner. Functionally sound. Stand in photo not included.  Trade-in.  In-store pickup please.


Energy_EXL16_#149632&33_System_BF Energy_EXL16_#149632&33_BF Kef_LS50_Racing_Red

PROAC Response D2 monitors in premium ebony finish.  Demo pair with original box.  

DYNAUDIO Emit M10 monitors in satin black lacquer finish. Some blemishes, functionally sound.  Includes original box and packing foam. Numerous awards and accolades.  Available for in-store audition.  Trade-in pair.  




TOTEM Acoustic Model One Signature in cherry finish. Lovely mids and taut bass. An iconic speaker from one of Canada's own. Includes original box.  In-store auditions welcome.




SPENDOR A2 floor standers in dark walnut finish.  Taut bass with beautifully balanced mids.  Brand new in-stock.




JL AUDIO E110 black ash subwoofer.  Brand new in stock.



FOCAL Kanta 1 in sleek gloss black finish.  Pinpoint imaging, taut bass and a beautifully extended top end.  Trade-in pair.  Stands available at an extra $1199 ($1890 SRP).







TOTEM Acoustic Arro floor standers in mahogany finish.  Minor blemishes, functionally excellent.  Trade-in pair.  In-store pickup please.




KEF Q900 speakers. Black oak finish. Two and a half way bass reflex design. Deep, taut bass and a beautifully extended top end. Excellent bang for the buck. Trade-in pair with original boxes. Pictured is our previous trade-in pair for reference.



TOTEM Acoustic Sttaf floor standers in rare espresso finish.   Excellent trade-in pair.  In-store pickup please.



SPENDOR D7 floor standers in a gorgeous and very limited edition run of real rosewood veneer.  Great pricing on recently discontinued factory sealed pair.  Pictured is or demo pair.  Interesting trades considered.



Spendor_D7_Rosewood_Demo_System copy

KEF RDM One monitors.  One speaker not working (driver needs repair).  As-is for in-store cash and carry.




KEF LS50 Wireless speakers (original version).  Brand new in stock in both black and white finishes.  Special pricing.


DYNAUDIO Confidence Center II centre channel speaker in gloss white finish. Excellent detail. Features Dynaudio's accomplished Esotar² tweeters.  Trade-in.


TOTEM Acoustic Model One Signature centre channel speaker in satin white finish.  Brand new in stock.



TOTEM Tribe Tower in gorgeous Dusk finish.  Trade-in pair.  Includes original boxes.  Originally purchased from a fellow Totem Acoustic retailer in the GTA.


JBL Synthesis 4306 monitors.  Elegant walnut veneer with blue grille ad blue baffle.  Deep, fast bass and beautifully extended highs with its 8 inch pure pulp cone woofer and aluminum magnesium alloy dome compression tweeter.  B1 stock pair with original boxes.  Recently discontinued model.





ProAc Tablette Anniversary monitors in gorgeous rosewood finish.  A sweet top end with palpable mids and taut bottom end.  Discontinued model.  Factory sealed pair.  Pictured is our previous trade-in pair for reference.


PROAC Response D20R in Cherry finish.  Beautifully balanced presentation with a smooth, extended top end and taut, tuneful bass.  Demo pair.  Pictured is our previous trade-in pair for reference.  



REFERENCE 3A De Capo-i monitors in gloss black finish. Beautiful balance of detail, bass speed and richness. No box.  Trade-in pair.  In-store pickup please.


KEF LS50 Meta in gorgeous Royal Blue finish.  Brand new in stock.





ETON 20-3 floor standers.  High quality Eton drivers including 19SD - 1¾" Soft Dome tweeter and 2 x 5-880/25 Hex midbass drivers.  10 layer birch plywood baffle.  Some blemishes, functionally sound.  In-store pickup only please.


TOTEM Acoustic Arro in gorgeous Design "Fire" red finish.  Taut, fast bass with excellent mids and pinpoint imaging.  Includes original boxes.








Kef_LS50_Wireless JL_Audio_E-110_Gloss_Black JBL_4367 Totem_Acoustic_Rainmaker_Cherry JBL_Synthesis_S4700 Spendor_D7_Rosewood_Demo copy ProAc_DB3 Spendor_A3_#312B00357&362_DF   copy Spendor_A3_System_#312B00357&362_DF   copy ProAc_DT8_Demos PMC_Twenty5-23_Amarone


Revel_Voice-2_BG_3-4-B_Grill_RT-1605x1605px-hero Totem_Hawk_Espresso_Forest_Signature_Tribe_Tower_S


MAGNEPLANAR SMGa speakers.  Not working.  As-is for in-store cash and carry.


HARBETH Compact 7ES-3 40th Anniversary speakers in gorgeous Tamo Ash finish.  See photo of back corner of one speaker.   Skylan tands included.  Trade-in pair.  In-store pickup please.


Celestion_Impact_10_C&C Kef_RDM_One_C&C LS3:5a_Clone_Pair LS3:5a_Clone Totem_Arro_Red copy_#ARMA5896


Totem_Signature_One_Mahogany Revel_M105_System_#SB0003-0000200&139_B-Stock ProAc_Tablette_Anniversary_Rosewood_#01413_PM copy ProAc-Centre_Voice_Screen Shot 2021-01-18 at 10.55.13 AM Kef_LS50_Black_Edition Totem_Wind_Design_Ice Totem_Kin_Play_Black_Resized PMC_Fact_3_System_000283&284 PMC_Fact_3_000283&284 PMC_Fact_3_Rear_000283&284 PMC_Fact_3_Accessories_000283&284 Dynaudio_Confidence_II_System_TH Totem_Tribe_I_#TR1B5592&93_Trade-in



JBL Synthsis L82 Classic monitors with blue grilles.  Features an 8 inch white pure pulp cone woofer in a bass-reflex front ported design.



JBL_L82_System_#CV0192-HK0001263&64_Demo_From_New copy JBL_L82_#CV0192-HK0001263&64_Demo_From_New copy ProAc_D20_Cherry_Trade-In

JL AUDIO Gotham V2 subwoofer.  In stock.


KEF LSX wireless powered speakers.  Black finish.  Includes original box.  Trade-in pair, approximately two years old.


Kef_LSX_Black_#KMLSX02578K38L1G-R1G_Top_Angle_SS Kef_LSX_Black_#KMLSX02578K38L1G-R1G_Rear_SS Kef_LSX_Black_#KMLSX02578K38L1G-R1G_SS

PMC DB1 Gold monitors. Trade-in pair.  In-store pickup only please.



POLK AUDIO CSi A6 centre channel speaker in black ash finish.  Trade-in unit.





KLH Model 5 speakers with dedicated stands.  These are the newly re-introduced version of the legendary classic.  "’re going to hear all of the low notes in those recordings with a type of speed and clarity few speakers this side of silly money can match.  The midrange presence -that immediate, in-room present with any recording. The speaker has a clarity that I find incredibly addictive." - Andrew Robinson (TheRobinsonBrand - March 31, 2021).   Brand new in stock.  Interesting trades welcome.

FOCAL Diablo Utopia in gorgeous Carrara White finish.  B-stock pair with full Canadian warranty.






KLH_Model_Five_System_#2021020097&0102_Demo_edited-1 KLH_Model_Five_Rear_Control Totem_Dreamcatcher_#8912-8913_HE  copy Eton_20-3_#B013803_BH Eton_20-3_#B013803_System_BH

REVEL S16 on-wall speakers in white finish.  In stock.



NEWFORM RESEARCH R458 floor standing speakers.  Features four Peerless 5" mid/bass drivers and an 8" ribbon.  Oak veneer finish.  91 dB efficiency.  These beauties rarely come up on the used market.  Minor blemishes, functionally excellent.  In-store pickup only please.  We haven't the boxes and they weigh in at just over 60 lbs each.  Trade-in pair.


Newform_R458_System_IZ Newform_R458_IZ


KEF LS50 Meta monitors in black finish.  Trade-in pair.  Includes original box.


Kef_LS50_Meta_Adam_K_Return_#LS50207588&589M47N1G 3 Focal_Diablo_ColourEvo_White_34

PEAK CONSULT Incognito XII Signature floor standers. Smooth top end with deep, rich bass and expressive mids. Scratch on the front of one speaker, functionally excellent.  Interesting trades considered. In-store pickup please.  Trade-in pair.


SPENDOR A5 floor standers in cherry finish.  Trade-in pair.   Includes original boxes.



Totem_Acoustic_Metal_V2_Demo copy PMC_Twenty5.23_Back_Demo_Edited PMC_Twenty5.23_Demo_Edited EPI_100V_Edited Yamaha_NS-5000 Magneplanar_SMGa_NG Magneplanar_SMGa_Badge_NG Kef_R5_#XR502688K39L9G_Demo_Retake_Edited Speaker_Craft_Ruckus_6_One_C&C_BA Piega_Premium_1.2_System_#3001_HE Piega_Premium_1.2_#3001_HE Piega_Premium_1.2_Back_#3001_HE Piega_Premium_1.2_Grille_#3001_HE Piega_Top_Blemish Kudos_C1_White_#10096_System Kudos_C1_White_#10096_Sealed_Box Kudos_C1_White_#10096_Terminals Kudos_C1_White_#10096 ProAc_K3_Walnut_#108_Demo ProAc_K3_Walnut_System_#108_Demo Kef_LS50_Wireless_Cropped Kharma_CRM-3.2F_System_#007_CD Kharma_CRM-3.2F_#007_CD Kharma_CRM-3.2_Blemish_#007_CD Focal_Kanta_1_Black_HG_#A1BTAF000018&19_Aug_2021 Focal_Kanta_1_Black_HG_#A1BTAF000018&19_System_Aug_2021 Spendor_A2

REVEL B112 subwoofer in black finish. 12 inch driver powered by a 1000 watt amp, this beauty can move some air with deep, tuneful bass. Stock photo. Replaced by the new V2.  New Old Stock unit.  $3950 SRP when current. $2499 plus tax.


FOCAL Electra 1008Be monitors with dedicated stands. Black finish. Quick, tight bass with a beautifully extended top end. Trade-in pair.  Auditions welcome.  In-store pickup please.


Focal_Electra_1008_BE_#A1AIVF002253&59_SK Focal_Electra_1008_Be_Retake_System_#A1AIVF002253&59_SK Kef_Q900_#QQ90053006I49N1G&53010I49N1G_SS








Peak_Consult_Incognito_XII_#1186_PM Peak_Consult_Incognito_Scratch_AH Kef_LS50_Meta_Royal_Blue Harbeth_Compact_7_ES-3_40th_System_#059_KM Harbeth_Compact_7_ES-3_40th_#059_KM Harbeth_Compact_7_ES-3_40th_Corner_Ding_#059_KM Totem_Model_1_#045A&B_System_IZ_For_Site Totem_Model_1_#045A&B_IZ ProAc_D2_Other_#2163 ProAc-D2_Ebony_#2163 Kef_S2_Stands Dynaudio_Emit_10_Closeup_#P5020_JH Dynaudio_Emit_10_Top_Blemishes_#P5020_JH Totem_Tribe_Tower_Dusk Revel_F206_Walnut Tannoy_Stirling_GR_System_#600989_RY Tannoy_Stirling_GR_Accessories_#600989_RY Tannoy_Stirling_GR_#600989_RY YAMAHA NS-A825A_C&C Kef_Q900_#QQ90053006I49N1G&53010I49N1G_Closeup_SS Reference_3A_De_Capo-i_#D3026AL&R_CJ Reference_3A_De_Capo-i_Terminals_#D3026AL&R_CJ Vandersteen_2CE_Signature_II_#67122&23_PW Vandersteen_2CE_Signature_II_#67122&23_Rear_PW Revel_F35_White_Demo PMC_LB1_Centre_#005142_SA PMC_LB1_Centre_Grille_#005142_SA PMC_LB1_Centre_Rear_#005142_SA PMC_DB1_Gold_#1197&98_NW

KEF R400b subwoofer.  Dual 250 watt amps.  No box.  Consignment item, originally purchased from our shop in 2016.  In-store cash and carry.




Kef_LS50_Wireless_#LS50W05295J29R1G&L1G Revel_M105_#SB0003-0000200&139_B-Stock-Edited Totem_Forest_Signature_Cherry Focal_kanta_N1_Anthracite_ST_Face_PT_1 copy Totem_Sttaf_Espresso_#STMA4556-57_CH