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Meridian Reference 800 v4 player.  One of the best DVD/CD/DVD-A players on the planet. Built like armour and weighs like a power amp. Includes Meridian MSR+ remote. Some blemishes, functionally excellent.   Trade-in unit.

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MARANTZ SA-8001 SACD/CD player with remote. Has had the highly regarded Tube Research Labs mod done to it. Some blemishes, functionally sound.  In-store pickup only please.  Trade-in.

Arcam FMJ BDP300 Blu ray player.  The worthy successor to the BDP100 with improved performance.  B-stock unit with blemishes, functionally sound.

REGA Apollo-R cd player.  Excellent bang for the buck offering excellent detail and top end smoothness. Includes original box and remote.  Trade-in unit.

ARCAM CDS27 SACD player.  Beautiful performance from both redbook and SACDs.  Includes original box and remote.

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M2Tech HiFace Evo with optional Evo Battery Supply. One owner.
















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PRO-JECT Stream Box RS streamer/internet radio/DAC.  Features volume control and XLR/RCA outputs.  Approximately 6 months old.  Minor blemish, functionally excellent.  Trade-in, includes original box and remote.




QUAD 99 Series CDP-2 cd player with remote.  Minor blemishes, functionally sound.  



BRYSTON BDA-2 DAC.  8 inputs.  World class performance and reliability.  Trade-in unit, originally purchased from us.  Approximately 2 years warranty remaining.  



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ESOTERIC K-05X SACD/CD player.  Effortless dynamics and detail with a world class fit and finish.  One owner trade-in unit.  Includes original box, manual and remote.



CHORD Mojo portable DAC/Headphone amp.  Multiple accolades and positive reviews.  A giant killer.  Trade-in unit.



NORMA Revo DS-1 DAC with CD drive. Features numerous digital inputs and XLR and RCA outputs. Stellar resolution, extension and dynamics. Includes original box and remote.  Interesting Trades Welcome.


SIMAUDIO Moon Equinox CD player with remote.  Great detail.  Minor blemish, functionally excellent.  Trade-in unit.




LFD DAC5 SE D/A converter. Deep bass, tube-like midrange and a beautifully extended top end.  Includes original box and manual.  

EXPOSURE Exp03 Bluetooth iPod dock.  Includes original box.  





REIMYO DAP-999 EX Limited DAC.  Highly regarded piece that gives digital an almost analogue-like effortlessness.  Excellent resolution from top to bottom.  Includes Harmonix X-DC2 power cord and original box.  Minor blemish, functionally sound.



Cambridge Audio Azur DacMagic 100 in black.  Demo unit, includes original box and manual.  


TEAC UD-503 USB DAC with built-in headphone amp.  High resolution and excellent dynamics.  Light use, includes original packaging and manual.




BENCHMARK DAC1 24-Bit 192kHz D/A converter. Silver finish. Includes original box and manual. Excellent bang for the buck.  Trade-in unit.



BRYSTON BDP-1 digital player with silver 19 inch faceplate. Minor blemish, functionally perfect. Includes original box and manual. Buy with confidence from an authorized Bryston retailer.


CAMBRDIGE Audio DacMagic Plus DAC.  Excellent resolution.  Hard to beat at the price.  Trade-in unit, includes original box.





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