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CHORD Electronics Mojo brand new in stock.

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MUSICAL FIDELITY M3SCD CD player.  Demo unit in silver finish.  Coax, optical and USB inputs.  Multiple positive reviews.  

MUSICAL FIDELITY Nu Vista CD Player in silver finish.  Our demo unit available.  Interesting trades considered.  

GRAHAM Slee Bitzie USB DAC with headphone output.

HARMAN Kardon Adapt wireless HD audio adaptor.  Black version.

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NAIM CDX2 CD player.  Factory sealed.  These beauties are no longer in production...we have one only.  Features Naim’s swivel drawer, Double regulated power supply, DIN & RCA outputs, Switchable S/PDIF output, Power supply upgradable (555PS, XPS, XP5).















Speakers Amps/Pre





MUSICAL FIDELITY MX- DAC.  32 Bit 192 KHz Upsampling DSD DAC.  Balanced and RCA outputs.  Special pricing on new.  Black finish.  Limited to current stock.




QUAD 99 Series CDP-2 cd player. Features variable output for remote volume function. 6 digital inputs (3 RCA and 3 Optical). Excellent versatility and performance. Minor blemishes, functionally sound.  



NAIM NDX-2 network player brand new in stock.  Naim's hallmark musicality.  



Please call for Availability of Items.




CHORD Electonics Hugo DAC.  Static display demo unit.  $2595 SRP when current.  



MUSICAL FIDELITY M6 Encore Connect preamp/streamer.  Demo unit with original box and remote.



AUDIOLAB 8300CDQ cd player with digital preamp/DAC section and analogue inputs.  Plays MQA coded files and streams.  Brand new in stock.


NAIM NDX network music player. Recently back from the Canadian distributor with a brand new display, firmware update and overall clean bill of health. Includes original box, remote and manual. Minor blemish, functionally excellent. Recently replaced by the NDX 2.  Trade-in unit.  



NAIM ND5XS-2 digital player.  Trade-in unit.  2018 manufacture date with a 446xxx serial number.  Includes original box.  

YAMAHA NPS-303 network player.  Trade-in, excellent condition.  





NAIM Uniti Nova all-in-one integrated amp and streamer.  Special pricing on the AudioFest demo unit (a Factory Refurbished unit with distributor warranty).



CHORD Electronics Hugo TT2 DAC in stock.  World class digital...multiple rave reviews.  

REGA Apollo cd player.  Special pricing on the AudioFest display unit.  Includes original box, manual and remote.



SQUEEZEBOX Duet with Russ Andrews "Duet Pack" power supply. Display is dim even at its brightest setting, otherwise functionally sound. No box.  Trade-in.



NAIM CD5si cd player.  Brand new in stock.


NAIM Uniti Atom all-in-one music player.  Highly musical and well reviewed.  Chromecast Built-In, Apple Airplay, TIDAL, Spotify® Connect, Bluetooth (AptX HD), Internet Radio™, UPnP™ (hi-res streaming), Roon Ready.  Factory Refurbished unit available at special pricing.





CHORD Electronics Qutest DAC.  Multiple award winner.  Brand new in stock.  



CHORD Electronics M-Scaler demo unit.  Silver finish.



LUMIN D2 streamer in silver finish.  Brand new in stock.  Faster processor to allow playback of DSD128 5.6MHz.  Internal power supply keeps interference lower and cabling neater.  Wolfson WM8741 DAC chips, 1 chip per channel.  Retains fully balanced design of the LUMIN family – including XLR outputs.


Musical_Fidelity_M3si_NuVista_CD_System Musical_Fidelity_Nu_Vista_CD_#NCG0048 Graham_Slee_Bitzie_DT


Naim_NDX_#303074_PW copy Rega_Apollo_AudioFest2019_#28277 Naim_Uniti_Nova

MARK LEVINSON 390S cd "processor" with remote.  This unit started out as a No.39 and was factory updated to 390S status (Levinson "update" badge on rear with serial number).  Numerous blemishes, functionally excellent.  In-store pickup please (available when our storefront re-opens).


Mark_Levinson_390S_CDP_39=#2569_Update_390S=#1034_TL Naim_CD5Si

CAMBRIDGE Audio CXN V2 streamer in silver finish.



Musical_Fidelity_MX-DAC copy Musical_Fidelity_MX-DAC_Rear copy Musical_Fidelity_M3SCD_Stock Naim_CDX2_Stock


LUMIN-D2- Stock Naim_ND5_XS2_#446943_MB Chord_Hugo_Retake_#22829 Chord_Mojo Musical_Fidelity_M6_Encore_#ETO0248 Musical_Fidelity_M6_Encore_Remote Chord_Hugo_TT2 Naim_NDX2_#452626-2