Used and Demo Analogue

REGA Planet turntable.  Vintage beauty from the 70's.  Includes dust cover and Goldring Electro II high output (2.5mV) moving coil cartridge.  In-store cash and carry.

ETSURO Urushi Bordeaux moving coil cartridge.  Brand new in stock.  Japanese made beauty with stellar reviews.  0.25mV output.

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AUDIO TECHNICA AT630 moving coil transformer.  Includes original box.  In-store cash and carry.

CLEARAUDIO Goldfinger Statement cartridge.  Solid 14 carat gold body featuring twelve magnets arranged in a Clearaudio 12 magnet ring configuration. Total mass: ~16.0g / Output: 0.6mV @ 5cm/s. Impedance: 50Ω.  Factory sealed in stock.  World class analogue replay.

GRAHAM Phantom III 10" tonearm with SME mount.  Brand New in Stock.  

REGA Apheta 2 moving coil cartridge new in stock.  Special pricing, recently replaced by the Apheta 3.    

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ORTOFON MC Century Moving Coil cartridge.  In a very Limited Edition of 100 world wide, Ortofon released its no-expense-spared anniversary model.  Factory Sealed in stock.  









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REGA RP6 turntable.  No cartridge.  Trade-in unit.  Replaced by the new Planar 6.


ORACLE/SME 345 headshell.  In-store cash and carry.



VPI Scout Prime in white finish.  Includes VPI's JMW-9-3D printed tonearm.  Factory Sealed in stock.  One only.



MUSICAL FIDELITY Roundtable S turntable with Ortofon 2M Red.  White finish.  No dust cover.  Factory Sealed.  One only.


BENZ MICRO LP moving coil.  Factory Sealed in stock.


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REGA Planar 6 with Exact cartridge.  Trade-in with original box.





CLEARAUDIO Performance DC turntable with Clarify tonearm and Virtuoso V2 mm cartridge.  Beautiful condition show demo. Includes original box.






BENZ MICRO Wood SH low output moving coil.  



VPI Signature 21 turntable in gorgeous rosewood finish.  Brand new in stock.  Includes JMW-10 Fatboy Gimbal Tonearm​ (not pictured), Machined Aluminum Platter​​​, 300 RPM Outbound Motor, Improved Isolation Feet​, Signature Center Weight, VTA (Vertical Tracking Adjustment) on the Fly.  Priced without cartrided.  Made in the USA.





ORTOFON Concorde Century cartridge.  Brand New in stock.




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AUDIO TECHNICA AT-LP120 direct drive turntable with on-board phono stage and USB output.  Strobe light for speed adjustment.  Includes Audio Technica cartridge.  Trade-in.




MARK LEVINSON No.515 turntable.  Precision machined pulley and Triple belt drive with 3D printed tonearm.  Demo unit.  Interesting trades considered.



REGA RP8 turntable with Apheta 2 cartridge.  Trade-in with minimal use.  Includes original box.



CLEARAUDIO Innovation Compact turntable.  Great deal on a previous Show demo.  Interesting trades considered.  


REGA Aphelion 2 brand new in stock.  World class analogue from one of the most respected names in Hi-Fi.



GRAHAM Phantom Elite 10" tonearm.  A reference point for dynamics, resolution and musicality.  In stock.


LINN Krystal moving coil cartridge. 0.25mV output. Trade-in, originally purchased new in 2018.  In-store pickup.  



REGA P3 with Elys 2 cartridge.  Trade-in unit.  No pickup please.


CLEARAUDIO Concept MC cartridge.  0.4mV output.  Excellent detail and dynamics.  Does not come with original box.  In-store cash and carry.  


BENZ MICRO Gullwing moving coil cartridge.  Factory Sealed in stock.  SHR version with 0.7mV output.  



Graham_Phantom_III 2 Audio_Technica_AT-LP120_#C16270024956

BLACK DIAMOND RACING Record Clamp 1.7". Carbon Fibre beauty designed for vibration control yielding greater resolution and dynamics. Threaded 1/4-20. Includes original box and product leaflet. In-store cash and carry.



MUSIC HALL MMF-2.3 turntable in gloss red finish with Spirit cartridge.  B-stock (TAVES demo).  Includes original box.


ORTOFON Quintet Red moving coil cartridge.  0.5mV output.  A star at the price.  Only a few hours of use.  Includes original box and leaflet.




REGA Planar 3 turntable.  Brand new in stock.  



PRO-JECT Debut Carbon DC turntable with Ortofon 2M Red cartridge.  White finish.  Trade-in unit.  In-store pickup please.



CLEARAUDIO MC Essence moving coil cartridge.  0.4mV output.  Gorgeous mids and excellent resolution.  Special pricing.  One only.  Factory Sealed.



CLEARAUDIO Da Vinci V2 moving coil cartridge.  Ceramic coated aluminum body for resonance control.  24K gold coils.  0.6mV output.  Factory sealed in stock.


REGA Planar 6 turntable with RB330 tonearm.  No cartridge.  Traded in toward a higher model Rega.  Includes original box.  Pictured is a previous trade-in for reference, actual pic to follow.



VPI Designer Prime turntable.  Very Limited Production, only 10 units in black leather and 5 in brown leather were made.  Suggested retail price is without cartridge...we have numerous options available.  Interesting trades welcome.


ORTOFON LH-10000 headshell.  Brand New in stock.  



CLEARAUDIO Smart Power 12V battery based DC power supply upgrade for Concept and Performance series turntables.


CLEARAUDIO Maestro original version cartridge.  Needs retip/rebuild.  Includes original box.



MUSIC HALL MMF-1.5 turntable in "cherry wood" finish.  Brand New.  One only.



VPI ADS analogue drive system.  Well reviewed.  Brand new in stock.



ETSURO Urushi Cobalt Blue moving coil cartridge.  0.25mV output.  Japanese made beauty with stellar reviews.  In stock.  


PRO-JECT Debut Carbon DC turntable with Ortofon 2M Red cartridge.  Red finish.  One of the cartridge leads is loose and intermittently buzzes.  Selling as-is.  In-store pickup only please.


CLEARAUDIO Concept Active Turntable.   Includes Satisfy Kardan aluminium tonearm and Concept V2 MM cartridge.  Features on-board phono stage, headphone input and 33 ⅓, 45 and 78 rpm.



VPI Prime Scout turntable.  Brand new in stock.  No cartridge.



REGA RP10 with Apheta 2 moving coil cartridge.  Special pricing on a Factory Refurbished unit with full warranty.  Pictured is our previous trade-in for reference.  Interesting trades considered.







DYNAVECTOR Te Kaitora moving coil cartridge.  Demo cart with minimal hours.  Used at a Show and for a few hours more in the shop.




REGA P3-24 turntable. Includes the TT-PSU outboard power supply. Rega's legendary bang for the buck…excellent performance and reliability. Priced without cartridge. We have numerous cartridge options available from Rega, Hana, Dynavector, Benz Micro and Gold Note. Includes original box.



Mark_Levinson_No515_Turntable_System Mark_Levinson_No515_Turntable

CAMBRIDGE Audio Alva Direct Drive turntable with factory installed moving coil cartridge.  Built-in phono and bluetooth aptX HD.  Recently discontinued.  New and factory sealed in stock.


REGA Planar 10 turntable with RB3000 tonearm.  Features a Ceramic Oxide diamond cut platter, DB technology with ceramic top brace, Tancast 8 foamcore plinth, P10 custom matched PSU and EBLT Advanced drive belt.  In stock.  SRP quoted without cart.

SME Model 30/2 turntable with Series V GPD tonearm.  Brand new in stock.  Stock photo for general reference.



REGA Ania MC phono cartridge in stock.



MUSIC HALL MMF-3.3 turntable.  Brand new in stock.  Includes Ortofon 2M Red.


CLEARAUDIO Innovation Basic turntable.  Natural wood/black finish.  Previous show demo.  Priced without tonearm and cartridge.  Includes original box and manual.


CLEARAUDIO Maestro V2 moving magnet cartridge.  Excellent condition.  Originally purchased from our shop.




SME Model 10 turntable with 309 tonearm.  Brand New and Factory Sealed in stock.  Discontinued model.



BRINKMANN Ront III power supply.  Features the new "Rectifier Tube Simulator".  Designed for the Bardo, Oasis, Taurus, Spyder, La Grange and Balance turntables.  Includes granite bass.  New in stock.



ELIPSON Omega 100 turntable with Ortofon OM10 cartridge.  Plays 33/45/78.  Brand New.  Available in black, white or red.





Clearaudio_Maestro_V2_#09932_TC Rega_RP10_#1311_RD copy




SME Synergy demo turntable available.  Features a built-in Nagra phono stage, Ortofon Per Windfeld MC cartridge and Crystal cabling.  Includes original packaging.  Interesting trades considered.




ORTOFON SPU Century Moving Coil cartridge.  Brand New in stock.



BRINKMANN Taurus direct drive turntable brand new in stock.



VPI_Prime_Scout Clearaudio_da_Vinci-V2-11-11 copy


ORTOFON Century turntable with Concorde Century moving magnet cartridge.  5.5mV output.  DEMO unit.  Includes original box.  Pictured is our previous trade-in unit for reference.


REGA Aphelion MC cartridge.  Great deal on the original version.  Brand new in stock.  One only.  



ORTOFON Century Limited Edition turntable in stock.  Includes Concorde Century cartridge.  Special pricing on brand new.  Interesting trades considered.



Ortofon_Century_Turntable Ortofon_Concorde_Century


Clearaudio_Goldfinger_Statement Rega_Apheta_2_Stock_Photo VPI_ADS_Analog_Drive_System Linn_Krystal_#1078_PL Clearaudio_Performance_DC_#0601471_Clarify_#8468_Virtuoso_V2_#3652 Clearaudio_Performance_DC_#0601471_Clarify_#8468_Virtuoso_V2_#3652_System Etsuro_Urushi_Cobalt_Blue_Box Etsuro_Urushi_Cobalt_Blue SME_Model_10 Clearaudio_Concept_Active_#67111800049 Cambridge_Audio_AlvaTT Rega_Ania


Brinkmann_Taurus_6513 copy SME_Synergy_System_Shot copy

CLEARAUDIO Innovation turntable in lacquer white.  Brand new in stock. One only.  Priced without tonearm.  Interesting trades considered.



REGA Planar 6 turntable in stock.  Available with or without cartridge.  Excellent bang for the buck from one of the most venerable names in analogue.


Rega_Planar_6 Ortofon_Century_Turntable_Clamp_PL copy Ortofon_Century_Turntable_PL copy Ortofon_Century_Turntable_Concord_PL copy Clearaudio_Concept_MC_Side_Shot_#3228_A_C&C Clearaudio_Concept_MC_Front_Shot_Cropped_#3228_A_C&C Music_Hall_mmf-2.3_Stock


HANA MH high output moving coil cartridge.  2.0 mV output.  NEW in stock.


REGA Planar 1 turntable with Rega Carbon moving magnet cartridge.  Special Edition Union Jack finish.  Factory Refurbished unit with original box.



Rega_Planet_Turntable_For_Site Goldring_Electro_II_C&C Etsuro_Urushi_Bordeaux Etsuro_Urushi_Bordeaux_Box Rega_Aphelion_2 Rega_P3-24_#04684_System Rega_P3-24_#04684 Rega_P3-24_#04684_TT-PSU Musical_Fidelity_Roundtable Pro-Ject_Debut_Carbon_DC_White_Ortofon_Closeup__#053197_JI Pro-Ject_Debut_Carbon_DC_White_#053197_JI Pro-ject_Debut_Carbon_DC_Red_Ortofon_Closeup_#052494_JL Pro-Ject_Debut_Carbon_DC_Red_System_#052494_JL Hana_MH_Stock


Ortofon_LH-10000_Redo Clearaudio_MC_Essence Benz_Micro_LP Rega_Planar_3_Black_New_Style Brinkmann_Ront_III Brinkmann_Ront_III_Quarter_Shot Black_Diamond_Racing_BDR_Record_Clamp_C&C


Clearaudio_Smart_Power_12V_Stock Rega_Planar_10 Rega_Planar_6_#04526_Blemished_Side

DYNAVECTOR XX2 MkII moving coil cartridge in stock.



Clearaudio_Innovation_Basic_#925022_Natural_Wood_Chassis_Show_Demo_System Clearaudio_Innovation_Basic_#925022_Natural_Wood_Chassis_Show_Demo Oracle_SME_345_Headshell_NG Dynavector_XX-2

MUSIC HALL MMF-5.3 turntable in Piano Black finish.  Brand New in stock.  Includes Ortofon 2M Blue cartridge.  



Audio_Technica_AT630_#007_C&C Rega_RP6_White_#40260_Demo VPI_Signature_21_Rosewood Rega_RP8_Apheta_2_#03533_Closeup_AS Rega_RP8_Apheta_2_#03533_AS Rega_P1_Union_Jack_#208666_Show_Demo copy Music_Hall_MMF-1.5 Music_Hall_MMF-5.3 Clearaudio_Maestro_Box_Broken_October_2021 Clearaudio_Maestro_Closeup_Broken_October_2021 Clearaudio_Maestro_Broken_October_2021 Rega_Planar_3_Elys_2_#283383_ST