Used and Demo Analogue

CLEARAUDIO Virtuoso Ebony cartridge.  3.6mV output.  Available for in-store audition.  In-store pickup please.

PRO-JECT RPM5.1 turntable.  Includes Ortofon 2M Bronze cartridge.  Minor blemish, functionally sound.  Trade-in.

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REGA Planar 1 turntable with Carbon cartridge.  Special edition Union Jack design finish.  Show demo unit.  Includes original box.

SYRINX LE1 tonearm with Cardas internal wiring and bearing upgrade done by Audio Origami. Some blemishes, functionally excellent.

GRAHAM Phantom III 10" tonearm with SME mount.  Brand New in Stock.  

ORTOFON 2M Blue moving magnet cartridge.  Includes original box.   Trade-in.    

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DYNAVECTOR DV-20X2H high output moving coil cartridge.  Trade-in, originally purchased from our shop.  Includes box.  










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VPI Limited Edition Prime Scout turntable finished in gorgeous satin "Ontario" white.  Includes 10 inch 3D Printed tonearm with VTA on the fly, substantial Prime (formerly Classic) platter and Deluxe clamp.  Brand New unit, pictured is our previous demo unit.


VPI Classic Signature in piano black finish with 3D printed tonearm and special order XLR outputs.  World class dynamics, resolution and extension at the frequency extremes.  Includes original box, manual, centre weight and alignment jig.  Cartridge not included.  $7900 SRP based on current USD to CAD exchange.  Save $1900 on our very low use demo.  Sale within Canada only please.



Trans Fi Terminator tonearm with headshell. In-store cash and carry.



MUSIC HALL MMF-2.2 turntable in gloss black finish. Includes Ortofon 2M Blue MM cartridge. Numerous blemishes on dust cover and minor blemish on turntable, functionally sound. Includes original accessories.  Trade-in.  In-store pickup please.  


BENZ MICRO LP-S moving coil.  Brand new in stock.


Please call for Availability of Listed Items.





REGA Planar 3 turntable.  Trade-in.  Approximately 6 months old.  Originally purchased from our shop.  Includes original box.





CLEARAUDIO Performance DC turntable with Clarify tonearm and Virtuoso V2 mm cartridge.  Beautiful condition show demo. Includes original box.






CLEARAUDIO Magnify tonearm.  Excellent resolution and dynamics.  Some "yellowing" of the arm tube, functionally sound.  Does not include arm board or cartridge.  Trade-in at a great (half price) deal.



REGA Elys moving magnet cartridge (original version).  In-store cash and carry.






PRO-JECT RPM 1.3 Genie turntable with Ortofon 2M Red cartridge.  In-store cash and carry.




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AUDIO TECHNICA AT-LP120 direct drive turntable with on-board phono stage and USB output.  Strobe light for speed adjustment.  Includes Audio Technica cartridge.  Only a few hours of use.





MARK LEVINSON No.515 turntable.  Precision machined pulley and Triple belt drive with 3D printed tonearm.



PRO-JECT Debut III turntable with Ortofon OMB 5E moving magnet cartridge.  In-store pickup please.



REGA Planar 3 turntable. Includes the venerable RB300 tonearm. This excellent combo has stood the test of time and still offers great bang for the buck. Some blemishes. Priced without cartridge...we have numerous options available including Rega, Dynavector, Hana, Benz Micro, Ortofon, Clearaudio and Goldnote. Trade-in.


HANA EH high output moving coil cartridge.  2mV output.  Excellent condition trade-in.  In-store pickup only please.



GRAHAM Phantom Elite 10" tonearm.  A reference point for dynamics, resolution and musicality.  In stock.


Rek-O-Kut Rondine Deluxe turntable (no tonearm).  Vintage American piece with some blemishes.  Spins on all speeds, power light and switch all functional.  Selling as is for in-store cash and carry.  


BDI_Valera_9724_Demo Technics_SL-Q2_Rega_Elys


CLEARAUDIO Innovation in gorgeous lacquer red finish.  A sonic and visual work of art.  Available with or without tonearm in photo.  Suggested retail price of $17,250 is without tonearm.   


BENZ MICRO MC Gold moving coil cartridge.  Brand new in stock.



BENZ MICRO Gullwing moving coil cartridge.  Brand new in stock.  SHR version with 0.7mV output.  


Syrinx_LE-1_Retake_ES Clearaudio_Magnify_Trade-in VPI_Prime_Scout_LE_White_Moon_W5.3_#J654480_Midshot_MG VPI_Scout_Prime_LE_White copy


Graham_Phantom_III 2 Audio_Technica_AT-LP120_#C16270024956

CLEARAUDIO Concept turntable. Minor blemishes, functionally sound. Priced without cartridge.  In-store pickup please.



MUSIC HALL MMF-2.3 turntable in gloss red finish with Spirit cartridge.  TAVES demo.  Includes original box.


ORTOFON Quintet Red moving coil cartridge.  0.5mV output.  A star at the price.  Only a few hours of use.  Includes original box and leaflet.




CLEARAUDIO Innovation Basic in gloss black finish.  Show Demo table in beautiful condition.  Includes original box.  $7995 SRP without tonearm.



REGA RP6 in gloss white.  B-stock unit with original box.  Full distributor warranty.  Priced without cartridge.




CLEARAUDIO MC Essence moving coil cartridge.  0.4mV output.  Gorgeous mids and excellent resolution.  Original box and acrylic case.



LINN Adikt moving magnet cartridge. A robust 6.5mV output. Rich, detailed and dynamic.  Brand New, one only.


ARAGON 4T2 AM/FM tuner. A classic Mondial design featuring the MAGIC circuit (Mondial Antenna Ground Isolation Circuit) designed to reduce ground induced noise.  In-store cash and carry.




CLEARAUDIO Ovation turntable.  Special pricing on brand new and factory sealed.  Priced without tonearm.


REGA RP6 turntable with RB303 tonearm and TT-PSU. Priced without cartridge. Includes original box.  Our demo unit...recently replaced by the new Planar 6.




HANA ML and MH cartridges in stock.  Newest addition to the excellent Hana lineup.


SME Model 15 turntable with Series V tonearm.  Reference calibre resolution dynamics.  On display.



VPI Traveler V2 turntable.  As-is for in-store pickup only.



ORTOFON SPU A95 Anniversary moving coil cartridge.  0.3mV output.  Demo cart with minimal use.  Includes original box.



BRYSTON BLP-1 turntable.  Demo table, includes original box.  Priced without cartridge.


WELL TEMPERED "Classic" turntable.  Some blemishes.  Priced without cartridge.  In-store pickup please.



CLEARAUDIO Ambient turntable with CMB bearing and Unify Black Carbon direct wired tonearm ($2795 SRP on its own). Panzerholz and brushed aluminum finsh. Separate "Smart" speed controller. Beautifully detailed with excellent dynamics.  Interesting Trades Welcome.


Clearaudio_Ambient_#023253_Ortofon_2M_Red_DT Clearaudio_Ambient_Closeup_#023253_DT Clearaudio_Ambient_Written_#023253_DT


PROJECT RPM5 Carbon turntable in piano black finish.  Minor blemishes, functionally excellent.  Includes original box.  Priced without cartridge.  In-store pickup please.  



BASIS Model 2500 turntable (originally a 2400 upgraded to 2500).  Prepared for Graham tonearms (priced without tonearm).  Includes dust cover and original box.  In-store pickup please.




Clearaudio_Innovation_Red_Magnify_HRS_S1_1921_GN_Demo_HR-2240_Retake_For_CAM Benz_Gullwing_SHR



CLEARAUDIO Avantgarde turntable with Unify carbon tonearm.  This beauty has the Ceramic Magnetic Bearing.  Available for audition.  Priced without cartridge.  In-store pickup please.




VPI_Traveler_Demo_As-Is Pro-ject_RPM1.3_Genie_#44892_LM



AVID Diva Mk1 turntable.  Includes RB300 tonearm with Cardas wiring and upgrade counter weight.  In-store pickup please.




Pro-Ject_RPM5_Carbon_#000222_Audio_Technica_AT-OC9-III_AC Mark_Levinson_No515_Turntable_System Mark_Levinson_No515_Turntable

KOETSU Rosewood Signature cartridge.  Lots of life remaining, this trade-in beauty is estimated at around 400 hours.  In-store pickup please.


Basis_2500_#975004_SC Basis_2500_with_Cover_#975004_SC

ADCOM GFT555 AM/FM tuner. Features 8 presets, mute/mono switch and Hi Blend for noise reduction. A nice way to enjoy analogue radio on the cheap. Some blemishes, functionally sound. Includes original box.  In-store pickup please..


REGA RP6 turntable with RB303 tonearm and TT-PSU. Price includes a Rega Bias (original version) MM cartridge with only a handful of hours on it. Includes original boxes for both turntable and cartridge.  Gorgeous red finish.  Excellent condition b-stock unit with Canadian distributor warranty...recently replaced by the new Planar 6.




AUDIO TECHNICA AT-LP5 turntable.  Trade-in with minimal use.  Approximately a year old, originally purchased from our shop.


Pro-ject_RPM5.1_Carbon_#013046_Ortofon_2M_Bronze Clearaudio_Virtuoso_#08706_JW Music_Hall_MMF-2.2_#005700_Ortofon_2M_Blue Ortofon_2M_Blue_Trade-in Pro-ject_Debut_III_#164940_IN Rega_Planar_3_#313906_Paul Ortofon_SPU_A95_#297_Demo Bryston_BLP-1_Edited Clearaudio_Concept_#0531607_With_Virtuoso_Wood_#9094_PB Koetsu_Rosewood_Signature_AC_Edited Adcom_GFT-555_#127281_GS Clearaudio_Avantgarde_#049114_Dave_Edited Audio_Technica_AT-LP5_RA