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BENZ MICRO LP top of the line 0.34mV MC cartridge. "As good as new" factory sealed re-tip straight from Benz...not an aftermarket re-tip.  Reference tier performance.  Does justice to all music genres whether it's called upon to reproduce the sublety and nuance of vocals & wood instruments or the dynamics and majesty of full scale orchestra.  Current model at 10.7 grams alongside the LPS at 16.4 grams.

ORTOFON SPU Synergy GM moving coil cartridge.  0.5mV output.  World class drive and energy with a beautifully extended and sweet top end.  Original box.

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GRADO Reference Platinum high output moving iron cartridge. Seductive midrange and a sweet top end.

GRAHAM Engineering Model 2.2 tonearm with ceramic wand. First class fit and finish. Excellent detail and dynamics. Includes original box.  Does not include tonearm cable and arm board.  Trade-in.

CLEARAUDIO Ovation turntable. Includes Satisfy Kardan tonearm. World class German engineering with top flight performance and aesthetics. Original Box. Minor blemishes, functionally excellent.

REGA RP1 turntable.  New and Factory Sealed.  Available in Cool Grey and Titanium finishes.  

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PRO-JECT 1-Xpression Carbon with Ortofon 2M Red.  Piano black finish.  










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CLEARAUDIO Smart Phono (original version) phono stage.  Switchable to 54dB (MC) and 35dB (MM).  Includes original box.  Trade-in.


VPI Classic Signature in piano black finish with 3D printed tonearm and special order XLR outputs.  World class dynamics, resolution and extension at the frequency extremes.  Includes original box, manual, centre weight and alignment jig.  Cartridge not included.  $7800 SRP based on current USD to CAD exchange.



Trans Fi Terminator tonearm with headshell. In-store cash and carry.



REGA RP8 turntable in gloss black with Exact cartridge.  B-stock unit with original box.  Rega's hallmark pace, rhythm and timing.  


TEAC TN-300 turntable in gloss black finish. No cartridge. Features on-board MM phono stage and USB output.  Trade-in.


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The Cartridge Man Music Maker cartridge with Isolator. 4mV output. A darling among reviewers with excellent bass, imaging and detailed mids. In-store cash and carry.





TECHNICS SP-10 MKII turntable with Technics SH-10B3 Obsidian base and Audio Technica ATP 12T tonearm.  A classic revered for its torque, pitch stability and reliability.  Numerous blemishes, functionally excellent.  In-store pickup only.






REGA Planar 2 with RB250 tonearm and original Bias cartridge. Excellent bang for the buck. Beautiful pace, resolution and dynamics. Some blemishes, functionally sound.



REGA Elys moving magnet cartridge (original version).  In-store cash and carry.






SME 3012-R Series II 12 inch tonearm. Highly regarded classic, includes original box and template. Some blemishes, functionally sound.





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REGA Planar 3 turntable with RB300 tonearm and Bias 2 cartridge.  Includes low profile tungsten counter weight ($150 option) designed for improved tracking with a lower centerline relavtive to the armtube.  Available for audition.  Minor blemish, functionally excellent.  Consignment piece for in-store cash and carry.





BENZ Micro Ebony TR low output moving coil cartridge.  0.1mV output.  Factory sealed re-tip just back from Benz.  Buy with confidence from an authorized Benz Micro retailer.  Stock photo for reference.



FIDELIX MITCHAKU head shell.  Includes original box.  In-store cash and carry.



REGA Planar 3 2016 turntable.  Latest version with RB330 tonearm.  Numerous meaningful improvements over the earlier version P3 and a giant killer at the price.  TAVES Show demo unit.  Beautiful condition.  One only.  Includes original box.


Thöress "Phono Enhancer" tube phono stage.  Arguably one of the world's finest.  Palpable midrange presence with excellent detail from top to bottom and explosive dynamics.  This German beauty will help extract the best from your vinyl.  



CLEARAUDIO RB300 tonearm with Sixstream cable and Clearaudio Turbo Weight. A souped up version of an already excellent classic. Minor blemish on head shell from cartridge mounting, functionally sound.  Trade-in.


Rek-O-Kut Rondine Deluxe turntable (no tonearm).  Vintage American piece with some blemishes.  Spins on all speeds, power light and switch all functional.  Selling as is for in-store cash and carry.  


BDI_Valera_9724_Demo Technics_SL-Q2_Rega_Elys


TECHNICS SL-QD2 direct dirve Quartz lock turntable.  Some blemishes, functionally sound.   


Peachtree_Dac-it_MM_Technics_SL-QD2 Benz_Micro_Ebony_TR

ORTOFON LH-8000 headshell.  Gorgeous Japanese oaktree with Urushi lacquer finish and polished brass finger lift.


Ortofon_LH8000_Retake Cartridge_Man_Music_Maker copy Ortofon_SPU_Synergy_GM VPI_Classic_3_Signature_XLR Rega_PL-3_White_Taves_2016 Thoress_Phono_Equalizer Benz_Micro_LP SME_3012-R_Series_II_EW

STILLPOINTS LP Isolator (short spindle version). Multiple accolades from reviewers and audiophiles alike.  Brand New and Factory Sealed.


Stillpoints_LP_Isolator_Short_Spindle_New Rega_Planar_2_Logo Rega_Planar_2_Bias Technics_SP10_MkII_ATP_12T_JR Technics_SP-10_MKII_Audio_Technica_ATP-12T_CLoseup_JR Clearaudio_Smart_Phono_JY Clearaudio_Smart_Phono_Closeup_JY Teac_TN300_Trade-In_June-2017 Clearaudio_RB300_Retake_JY Clearaudio_RB300_Closeup_JY Fidelix_Head_Shell_Closeup_AC Fidelix_Head_Shell_AC Clearaudio_Ovation_#0330169_SK_Satisfy_Kardan_#000098_AC Clearaudio_Ovation_#0330169_SK_Satisfy_Kardan_#000098_AC_System Rega_Planar_3_Z_#298641_C&C_Edited