Pre Owned and Demo Amps/Preamps

MARK LEVINSON No 326S preamplifier. World class resolution, soundstaging and bass reproduction. Demo "B1" unit with a minor blemish.  Buy with confidence from an authorized Mark Levinson retailer...this beauty will include 4 year Canadian distributor warranty.  Original box, remote and manual.  Interested trades welcome.

AUDIO AERO Prestige mono blocks. Superb midrange reproduction with deep, powerful bass.  Priced without tubes.  In-store pickup only please.  Trade-in pair.  Interesting trades considered.

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NAIM NAP 155 XS power amp.  Includes original box.  Former demo unit with minimal use.  2012 manufacture date (330xxx serial number). Recently discontinued.  Interesting trades considered.

UNISON RESEARCH Unico Primo hybrid integrated amplifier.  An overachiever at the price.  Excellent power, dynamics, sweetness and resolution.  New in stock. 

BRYSTON 3B power amp.  Great detail and dynamics.  Came back from Bryston approximately 3 years ago with a clean bill of health.  Minor blemishes.  Includes box and packing foam.  

MUSICAL FIDELITY M5si integrated amp in stock.  150 watts per channel.  Features MM phono input, USB input and pre-out.  Black and silver available.

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BRYSTON 7B-SST single mono block.  600 watts into 8 ohms and 900 into 4.  Ultimate power and dynamics.  XLR and RCA.  Minor blemish, functionally excellent.  Includes original box and manual.














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CONRAD JOHNSON ACT2 tube preamplifier with remote. Palpable mids and deep, rich bass. Uses 4 x 6N30P tubes. Minor blemish, functionally excellent.  Includes original box.  Trade-in unit.


LFD PA3 power amp. Refined and sweet with a tube-like midrange and extended bottom end. Rare on the used market. One of Dr. Bews' most accomplished amplifiers before the introduction of the DPA monos. Corian faceplate. Some blemishes, functionally excellent.


ROTHWELL MC1 step-up transformer.  Includes original box and manual.  SRP per the previous Canadian distributor.



LFD MMC phono stage.  38dB and 53dB gain.  World class mids with explosive dynamics and a deep bottom end.  Demo unit, includes original box and manual.




CONRAD JOHNSON PV14L linestage with remote.  Smooth top end with palpable mids and deep, rich bass.  In-store cash and carry.


BRYSTON D250Z 8 channel amplifier.  Beautiful condition, includes original box, packing foam, owner's manual and factory test report (dated December, 2016).  Interesting trades welcome.


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BRINKMANN Mono block amps. Beautiful aesthetics with taut bass and palpable mids. 150 watts into 8 ohms and 250 into 4. Includes original boxes. A couple of minor blemishes, functionally excellent.  Trade-in...originally purchased from our shop.


BLUE CIRCLE BC2000 tube hybrid mono blocks with dedicated BCG2000 outboard power supplies. World class fit and finish with an equally cultured sonic presentation. Deep, powerful bass allied to an organic, palpable midrange.  Interesting trades welcome.



CAMBRIDGE CP1 MM phono stage. Trade-in.  







QUAD 405-2 power amplifier.  This British made classic has had the speaker binding posts and RCA terminals upgraded in April of last year.  Numerous blemishes, functionally sound.  Includes original box and packing foam.  Trade-in unit.



LINN Sneaky DSM integrated amp/digital music player.  33 watts per channel.  Features 3 HDMI inputs and one HDMI output as well as 2 digital inputs (one RCA and one Toslink) and one set of RCA line level inputs.  Musical, versatile and reliable.  Includes original box.  

LFD NCSE II integrated amplifier.  A star at midrange reproduction.  Deep, rich bass and a beautifully extended top end.  This beauty has been fitted with the gorgeous Anniversary dials.  Trade-in unit.

ARCAM FMJ A49 integrated amp.  200 watts/channel.  Excellent dynamics and detail.  On-board MM phono.  Includes original box.  B-stock unit.  Interesting trades considered.








LINN Majik DSM integrated amp streamer.  Our former demo unit.  Includes original box.  Black finish.



NAIM Nait XS-2 integrated amp.  Excellent condition B-stock unit.  Canadian distributor warranty.  Interesting trades welcome.


C.E.C. HD53 Version 8 headphone amp.  Volume pot is "scratchy" but otherwise sonically sound.  Includes original box and manual.  In-store cash and carry.



LFD Zero LE MkV integrated amplifier.  A reference product for midrange prowess and top end refinement.  Beautifully judged bass with an excellent balance of richness and tunefulness.  A darling among reviewers and audiophiles alike.  In-store audition welcome.  Our demo unit.  Pictured is our previous trade-in.  Making room for the new MkVI.



JEFF ROWLAND DESIGN GROUP Capri preamplifier with remote and original box.  In-store cash and carry.  Cables in photo not included.  



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ARCAM Delta 110 preamp with remote.  Features include two digital inputs (one RCA co-ax and one optical), MM/MC phono input and headphone input.  Includes original box and manual.  Some blemishes, functionally sound. Trade-in.  In-store pickup please.


OPUS DZM20 zone module.  Unused.  Includes original box.  In-store cash and carry.



NAIM NAP 200 DR power amplifier.  Latest version with Discrete Regulator module.  2016 manufacture date.  One owner trade-in.  Originally came from a fellow Naim retailer.  



NAIM NAC152 XS preamp.  Original box, manual and remote.





NAIM Uniti Atom all in one music player.  Compact, versatile and highly musical.  Refurb unit with full Canadian distributor warranty.  Includes original box.



NAIM Nait 5si integrated amp.  Trade-in unit.  Includes original box and remote.


HALCRO MC30 3-channel power amplifier. 400 watts per channel into 4 ohms. Gorgeous fit and finish. XLR and RCA.  Some blemishes, functionally sound.  Trade-in.  



Arcam_FMJ_A49.jpg~original CEC_HD53_PK


DYNAVECTOR P75 MkIII MM/MC phono stage.  New old stock.  Recently replaced by the MkIV.  We have these in stock also.



Klyne_SK-5A_System_CN_For_AE LFD_PA3_Retake Bryston_7B-SST_Single_#211_0301_B-Stock_Edited

MARK LEVINSON No.532H power amp.  300 watts per channel.  World class dynamics and control.  Includes original box.  Buy with confidence from an authorized Mark Levinson retailer, this demo "B1" beauty will come with 4 year Canadian distributor warranty.  Interesting trades welcome.



MONSTER POWER Signature MPA2250 power amp.  Toggle switch on rear for XLR/RCA needs replacing.  As is for in-store cash and carry.


LEXICON DD-8 eight channel power amplifier.  125 watts x 8.  Includes original box.  Some blemishes, functionally excellent.






BRYSTON 7B-SST² Pro mono blocks.  600 watts per channel.  These Canadian made beauties exude power and grace.  Includes original boxes.  Seldomly available B-stock pair with approximately 11 years of Bryston's world class warranty  Interesting trades considered.



NAIM NAP V145 mono power amps.  Circuitry based on the NAP250 but with superior dynamics.  These British beauties can handle impedances as low as 2 ohms for extended periods.  Not a consecutive pair.  Minor blemishes, functionally excellent.  SRP of $5995 each.  Interesting trades welcome.




Bryston_7B-SST2_B-Stock_#2128_2129 Bryston_7B-SST2_B-Stock_#2128_29_BP6_System_#000393_ES

EXPOSURE Classic 23 preamplifier with remote and box. Former top of the line before the MCX series was introduced. Beautiful resolution and pace. Minor blemish, functionally excellent. Trade-in.






ARCAM P349 3-channel power amplifier.  180 watts into 8 ohms for 3 channels driven.  XLR and RCA inputs.  B-stock unit with original box.  Stock photo for reference.  Interesting trades welcome.




UNISON Research Unico Nuovo tube hybrid integrated amplifier.  Premium black finish.  Trade-in, includes original box.



DEVIALET 130 Pro integrated amp.  Excellent versatility and sonics in an elegant, slimline package.


NAIM SuperNait 2 integrated amp.  Excellent condition refurb unit with full distributor warranty.  418xxx sn with a 2017 manufacture date.  Loads of fun and pace, rhythm and timing.  Includes original box and new, sealed remote.  


NAIM Uniti Star Reference All-in-One-Player.  Refurb unit with full Canadian distributor warranty.  Includes original box.  




ZESTO Andros Tessera tube phono stage.  Accommodates up to 4 tonearms.  


Totem_Dreamcatcher_#5322_&_5320_GP_Bryston_D250Z_B19%22_#057_1402 Totem_Dreamcatcher_#5322_&_5320_GP_Bryston_D250Z_B19%22_#057_1402_System

BRYSTON BP1.5 MM/MC phono stage.  Minor blemish b-stock unit.  Functionally perfect.  Remainder of Bryston's world class warranty until January, 2032.  Requires Bryston MPS 1 or MPS2 power supply.  $3195 MSRP when current.  


QUAD 34/306 preamp and power amp.  Highly musical combo.  Very slight noise on start up that goes away after a few minutes.  Includes original manual.  Trade-in.  In-store pickup only please.


Quad_405-2_#Q085707_DT Quad_405-2_#Q085707_Rear_DT


Naim_NAPV145_#192771_&_#255199_System_ML Naim_NAPV145_#192771_&_#255199_ML Audio_Aero_Prestige_Monoblocks_RR Halcro_MC30_#A0000283_RA Arcam_P349_Stock Quad_34_#Q021113_306_#Q00

NAIM StageLine "S" MC phono stage. Includes original box.  Trade-in unit.



NAIM NAP300 DR power amp with NAP300 PS.  409xxx serial number with 2016 manufacture.  Includes original boxes.



Naim_Nait_5si_#353083_ML Brinkmann_Monoblocks_System Brinkmann_Monoblock Jeff_Rowland_Design_Group_Capri_#0348_Nordost_Valhalla_0.6M_RCA_#78694_EW Monster_MPA_2250_Signature_HK



BRINKMANN Edison phono stage.  Features 3 inputs.  Uses 4 PCF803 tubes for a palpable, highly resolving presentation.  Our demo unit, includes original box and granite base.  Making room for the new Mk2.  Interesting trades welcome.



DEVIALET 440 Pro dual mono integrated amp.  World class dynamics, resolution, versatility and aesthetics.  


ARCAM FMJ A38 integrated amplifier. 105 watts per channel into 8 ohms, 200 into 4. Features processor mode for A/V integration and a very capable headphone input..  Trade-in.




SONNETEER Bronte integrated amp with remote and original box.  Minor blemish, functionally sound.  Trade-in.



REGA Osiris integrated amp.  Top line integrated from one of the most venerable names in British hifi.  Dual mono design producing a robust 162 Watts into 8 Ohms and 250 into 4.  Deep, rich bass and a smooth, resolving top end.  Includes original box, remote and Rega power cord.  Minor blemishes, functionally excellent. Trade-in.


CAMBRIDGE CXA80 integrated amp with remote.  80 watts per channel.  Excellent bang for the buck.  Trade-in.


Unison_Research_Unico_Primo_Integrated_Silver Naim_SuperNait_2_Refurb_#418335_Edited



BRYSTON 2.5B Cubed power amp.  Only 8 months old.  Excellent resolution and dynamics.  135 watts into 8 ohms and 180 into 4.  Balanced and RCA.  Minor blemish, functionally excellent.  Includes original box.  Trade-in...customer traded up the Bryston line.



Rega_Osiris_#0130_SS Bryston_3B_#311690_JH Rothwell_MC1_DT



LFD_MkV Unison_Research_Nuovo_Black_Edited Naim_NAC152XS_NAP155XS_System

SUGDEN A21SE Signature integrated amp.  Latest version.  Smooth, detailed presentation akin to top line tube designs.  Includes original box and remote.



Sugden_A21SE_Signature_CS Bryston_BP1.5MC_#150137_B-Stock Cambridge_CXA80_#C1076315070141_CK

GRAHAM Slee Gram Amp 2 SE phono stage.  Includes original box.  Trade-in.


musical-fidelity-integrated-amplifier-m5si-black LFD_NCSE_II_Anniversary_Knobs_#110_JP


Arcam_Delta_110__#D110_000849_GS Naim_Uniti_Atom Naim_Uniti_Star Conrad_Johnson_PV14L_#2671115_D_C&C Conrad_Johnson_ACT2_#2821066_JS Mark_Levinson_326S_#001753_B1_Altronics