Pre Owned and Demo Amps/Preamps

LFD Anniversary Integrated amp.  One of Dr. Bews' finest amps.  Seductive midrange with deep, rich bass and crystal clear top end.  These beauties were quite limited in production.  Demo unit with original box.

PMC Cor Integrated amp.  Fast, highly resolving with deep, taut bass.  On display...this British made beauty is excellent with every speaker we've tried so far.  

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NAIM NAP 155 XS power amp.  Former demo unit with minimal use.  2012 manufacture date (330xxx serial number).  Discontinued.

MOON 310LP MM/MC phono preamp.  RCA and XLR outputs.  Multiple load and gain settings.  No box or manual.  Trade-in.

LFD NCSE II integrated amplifier. A star at midrange reproduction. Deep, rich bass and a beautifully extended top end. Stellar performance with ProAc, Spendor and Harbeth.  Trade-in.  Has been cosmetically "hot-rodded" with Anniversary series knobs.  Some blemishes, functionally sound.

SONY TA-E80ES preamplifier.  Beautifully made in Japan.  Features a high quality MM/MC phono stage, motorized ALPS 4-gang volume pot, 2x 10,000µF Great Supply Nichicons, dual transformer, heavy copper busses and shielding bars, XLR and RCA inputs.  Trade-in unit.  In-store pickup.

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AUDIO RESEARCH GSi75 tube integrated. 75 watts per channel via two pairs of KT150. This beauty has Tung-sol KT150 (the key on one of the tubes is missing and requires careful seating). Well reviewed. Approximately two years old. Includes original box.  Trade-in unit.














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NAIM SuperNait 3 integrated on display.  Newest version which includes the following meaningful upgrades; Class A headphone amplification, Alps Blue Velvet volume control, Reed relay input selection, ceramic insulators for the power transistors, galvanically isolated microprocessor control section, microphonic-isolating PCB mounts.  Brand new in stock.


MUSIC HALL PA1.2 MM/MC phono stage.  Brand new.  Discontinued model.


SONY TA-N80ES power amp with rosewood coloured side panels. Rated at a robust 200 watts per channel at 8 ohms. Features balanced and RCA inputs. Trade-in unit.  In-store pickup only please.



CAMBRIDGE Alva Solo MM phono stage.  B-stock unit.  Purchased from the previous Canadian distributor.  Includes original box.



NAIM Nait XS-3 integrated amp.  Latest version features a very capable MM phono input, Class A headphone amp and Alps Blue Velvet volume control.  Brand new in stock.


SUGDEN Masterclass LA-4 preamp with balanced and RCA inputs and outputs.  Great reviews.  Brand new in stock.  Titanium finish.  Call for special pricing.


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LFD LS2 "Signature" linestage. Beautifully transparent and detailed piece from the engineering prowess of Dr. Richard Bews. Handcrafted with meticulous attention to parts selection and implementation. Corian faceplate. Some blemishes, functionally excellent.  Trade-in.


UNISON Research Unico Due tube hybrid integrated amp with Phono.  Brand new in stock in silver.



MUSICAL FIDELITY NuVista Vinyl phono stage.  World class performance.  "Vinyl records have at last been allowed to breathe... Frankly, very few rivals, at any price, offer such a heady mixture of superb sonics and versatility" - Paul Miller - Hi-Fi News UK. Trade-in, black finish, purchased from our shop approximately 8 months ago.






ONKYO TX-SR304 home theatre receiver.  Older unit.  No remote.  In-store cash and carry.



UNISON Research Unico Nuovo tube hybrid integrated amplifier with remote. Features the optional phono stage. 95 watts per channel. Uses 2x ECC 83 valves.  Demo unit in silver finish.  Stock photo for reference.  

REGA AETHOS integrated amp.  New for 2020!  Dual mono design using a custom wound toroidal transformer and regulated supplies for the sensitive amplification and driver stages. The pre-amplifier stage uses class-A discrete circuitry throughout.  156 W per channel into 6 Ω.  Refurbished unit.

LFD Integrated LE MkII integrated amp.  Seductive, palpable mids and deep, rich bass.  Trade-in.








LINN Majik DSM/2 integrated amp streamer.  Features HDMI inputs and output.  A great way to integrate 2 channel into home theatre.  Our former demo unit.  Includes original box.  Black finish.



NAIM Nait XS-2 integrated amp.  Brand New and Factory Sealed. Buy with confidence from an authorized Naim retailer...Canadian distributor warranty to the first owner.  Pictured is our previous demo unit.  Interesting trades considered.


C.E.C. HD53 Version 8 headphone amp.  Volume pot is "scratchy" but otherwise sonically sound.  Includes original box and manual.  In-store cash and carry.



LFD Zero LE MkV integrated amplifier.  A reference product for midrange prowess, top end refinement and beautifully balanced bass.  A darling among reviewers and audiophiles alike.  Stellar performance with ProAc, Spendor and Harbeth.  In-store audition welcome.  Our demo unit with 2 year warranty.  Pictured is our previous trade-in.



YAMAHA A-S301 integrated amp in stock.  60 watts x 2.  Features two sets of speaker inputs, sub out and a vey capable phono input.  Black finish.  



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MUSIC HALL A15.3 integrated amp.  Features a built-in MM phono stage and pre-out.  50 watts per channel.  Brand new in stock.


OPUS DZM20 zone module.  Unused.  Includes original box.  In-store cash and carry.



DENON AVR1010G home theatre receiver.  Some blemishes.  As-is for in-store cash and carry.  Includes remote.



LINN Majik DSM/2 integrated amp streamer.  Our former demo unit.  Includes original box.  Silver finish.




VTL TL-2.5i preamplifier.  Hand built in California.  Surround processor throughput.  Uses 2 x 12AU72 and 2 x 12AT7 tubes.  On display.



NAIM Nait 5si integrated amp.  NEW in stock.  Great way to get a taste of Naim's pace, rhythm and timing at an entry level price.


AUDIOLAB M-One integrated amp in stock.  Features digital inputs including USB, coax, optical and bluetooth. 





DYNAVECTOR P75 MkIII MM/MC phono stage.  Low hour demo unit.  Replaced by the MkIV.  We have these in stock also.  Pictured is our previous trade-in for reference.



LFD NCSE MkIII.  Dr. Bews' latest version of his giant killer integrated.  Excellent condition demo unit.



LFD Phono LE SE phono stage.  Palpable mids, smooth extended highs and excellent dynamics.  Trade-in.  Originally purchased from our shop approximately two years ago.


LEXICON DD-8 eight channel power amplifier.  125 watts x 8.  Includes original box.  B-stock unit with minor blemishes, functionally excellent.





UNISON Research Due integrated amp.  Demo unit.  Black with phono.



UNISON Research Primo tube hybrid integrated amp with remote. 75 watts per channel. No phono, nor box. Trade-in unit.




ARCAM FMJ P349 3-channel power amplifier. 180 watts into 8 ohms for 3 channels driven. XLR and RCA inputs. Beautiful condition B-stock unit with original box and manual.  Interesting trades considered.






YAMAHA A-S1200 integrated amp in black finish.  Brand new in stock.




YAMAHA A-S2200 integrated amp in silver finish.  On display.



NAIM NAP 500 DR power amp with separate power supply.  A master at pace, rhythm and timing and world class resolution.  Excellent Factory Refurbished unit.  Buy with confidence from an authorized Naim retailer, this beauty includes full distributor warranty.  Available for in-store audition.  Interesting trades considered.


BUMESTER 011 preamplifier with on-board MC phono.  Includes aluminum remote, original box and manual.  Trade-in unit.  


ZESTO Andros Tessera tube phono stage.  Accomodates up to 4 turntables.  Brand new in stock.  Interesting trades welcome.  




REGA Aria Mk3 phono stage in stock.  


YAMAHA A-S3200 flagship integrated amp.  World class performance and aesthetic.  Silver finish brand new in-stock.


EXPOSURE 2010S2D integrated amp with optional MM phono.  Silver finish.  Our former demo unit.



NAIM StageLine "S" MC phono stage. Includes original box.  Minor blemish, functionally sound.  Trade-in unit.


MUSICAL FIDELITY Nu Vista 600 integrated amp in silver finish.  Available for audition.




BRINKMANN Mono block amps. Beautiful aesthetics with taut bass and palpable mids. 150 watts into 8 ohms and 250 into 4. Includes original boxes and granite bases. A couple of minor blemishes, functionally excellent.  Trade-in pair.



REGA Aura Reference MC top of the line phono stage in stock.  


REGA Fono MM phono stage.  Original version.




SONNETEER Bronte integrated amp with remote and original box.  Minor blemish, functionally sound.  Trade-in.


NAD D3020 V2 integrated amp with remote.  Includes original box.  Trade-in.


CLEARAUDIO Absolute Phono Inside MC.  World class resolution and dynamics.  XLR and RCA inputs.  Our demo unit, approximately 4.5 years old.  Includes original wooden box.  Interesting trades considered.



MUSICAL FIDELITY M6 Encore 225 watt integrated amp/streamer.  Show special, includes original box.  Buy with confidence from an authorized Musical Fidelity retailer, this beauty comes with full Canadian distributor warranty.





NAIM HiCap DR power supply with original box. Trade-in unit.



MARK LEVINSON 5805 integrated amp.  125Wpc into 8 ohms and 250Wpc into 4 ohms.  Phono inputs: One RCA stereo pair MC and one RCA stereo pair MM plus ground terminal.  Digital audio inputs: One USB, one coaxial, two optical, Bluetooth aptX.  MQA full decoding on all digital inputs including asynchronous USB.  



Musical-fidelity-encore-225-black Naim_StageLine_S_#359014_D


Musical_Fidelity_Nu_Vista_600-front-silver_copy Sonneteer_Bronte_Retake_#1892 Sonneteer_Bronte_System_Retake_#1892

GRAHAM Slee Era Gold V phono stage with PSU-1 power supply. Well reviewed.  Trade-in unit.  


REVOX Joy S119 network receiver.  Features digital coax and optical inputs as well as RCA aux inputs.  60 watts per channel.  Can be used with the Revox Joy app or optional S119 remote.  Our former demo unit.




HARMAN KARDON HK460i stereo receiver.  As-is for in-store cash and carry.



Dynavector_P75_Mk3_AM LFD_LS2_Preamp

NAIM UnitiQute 2 all in one integrated amp with streamer. Trade-in...originally a b-stock unit.  



CARY Cinema 12 pre/pro in black finish.  Includes original box.

$6699 SRP when current.  Interesting trades considered.




Linn_Majik_DSM_From_2014 Unison_Research_Unico_Due

MUSICAL FIDELITY M6 Vinyl phono stage.  Great versatility and excellent bang for the buck.  New in stock.


CAMBRIDGE AX-A35 integrated amplifier.  Brand new in stock.



YAMAHA A-S2100 integrated amp.  New old stock unit.


VTL IT-85 tube integrated amp on display.


REGA Brio integrated.  50 watts per channel.  MM phono input.  Excellent bang for the buck.  Brand new in stock.



EXPOSURE 3010S2 mono amps in titanium finish.  A beautiful blend of speed, transient snap and resolution.  Brand new factory sealed pair from our remaining Exposure inventory.



MUSICAL FIDELITY Nu Vista 800 integrated amp.  330 watts per channel.  Multiple rave reviews.  Trade-in.  Includes original box.  Interesting trades considered.



TRIODE LAB 2A3 GT Mk2 mono amps in gorgeous custom blue finish.  PSVANE 2A3 tubes.  Curbside pickup please.  Trade-in pair.



NAIM NAP250 power amp.  Not the DR version.  Minor blemishes, functionally sound.  No box.  Trade-in unit.  





AUDIOLAB 8300A integrated amp in black aluminum finish.  Dual mono design, Oled Display, MM/MC Phono, 75W @ 8 Ohms, 115W @ 4 Ohms.  Brand new in stock.  In-store special, one only.



NAIM NAC 202 preamp. Trade-in unit.



CAMBRIDGE Edge W top of the line power amp.  Incredible speed, bass prowess and resolution.  Factory Refurbished unit with  warranty.



VTL TL-5.5 Series II Signature preamplifier on display.


CREEK CAS4140 (original version) integrated amp.  Blemish on top cover.  In-store cash and carry.



NAIM Uniti Nova all-in-one integrated amp/streamer.  Incredibly musical and versatile player.  Factory Refurbished unit.  Interesting trades considered.  


Naim_Nait_XS-2_#415963_Refurb   copy

EXPOSURE IV power amp.  Rated at 70 watts into 8 ohms.  A classic from Exposure's early days.  Excellent pace, rhythm and timing.  Some blemishes, functionally sound.  Trade-in.


BLUE CIRCLE  BC2000 tube hybrid monoblocks with dedicated BCG2000 outboard power supplies. World class fit and finish with an equally cultured sonic presentation. Deep, powerful bass allied to an organic, palpable midrange. These beauties are one of the jewels in Blue Circle's crown. Minor blemishes, functionally sound. Includes boxes. In-store pickup please.  Interesting trades considered.


Metrum_HEX_DAC_System_CN_For_AE Spendor_A3_#312B00357&362_DF   copy Rega_Aura_Phono


ARCAM SR250 integrated amp.  Excellent sonics and versatility.  Features HMDI inputs.  Includes original box and Anthem calibration mic.  Trade-in.


MICROMEGA M-One 100 integrated amp in premium enamel red finish.  2 x 100 watts @ 8 ohms – Class A/B, Analog RCA and XLR Inputs, MM/MC reference-quality, ultra-low noise Phono Stage

Ethernet, USB, AES3/Coaxial/Optical, Bluetooth aptX Spotify / TIDAL streaming services, DSD, 24bit/768kHz PCM, Sub and Balanced Pre Output.  Special pricing on Brand new.  One only.


NAIM SuperNait 2 integrated amp.  80 watts per channel.  Recently back from the Canadian distributor with a replaced volume control.  Includes original box and remote.  439xxx serial number with a 2018 manufacture.



BRYSTON BP2 MM/MC phono stage.  20 (61dB) gain version.  Silver finish.  Factory sealed B-Stock unit.  Requires separate power supply.



MARK LEVINSON 335 power amp.  Oodles of power and refinement.  Rated at 250 watts into 8 ohms, 500 into 4 and 1000 into 2.  XLR and RCA inputs.  This beauty has been professionally recapped with high quality Cornell Dubilier caps.  Minor blemishes.  Trade-in unit.  





SUGDEN A21SE Stage Two MM/MC phono stage.  Demo with original box.



CAMBRIDGE Audio AX-A35 integrated amp with remote.  Rated at 35 watts per channel.  Features MM phono input and headphone jack.  Trade-in with original box.  



Musical_Fidelity_Nu-Vista_800_#VUO0221_Retake_Closeup_AC Musical_Fidelity_Nu-Vista_800_#VUO0221_Retake_AC


Totem_Room_Blue copy 2_Cambridge_Edge_NQ Naim_NAP155XS_#330797_Retake   copy Sugden_SE_Phono_S2_#0483_DS PMC_Cor_DB1_Gold copy Naim_Nait_XS-3 copy Audiolab_M-One_Angled_Black LFD_NCSE_III_#120 copy Naim_Nait_5si_Stock_Photo copy Rega_Fono_MM_#097399 Musical_Fidelity_M6_Vinyl_Stock Naim_Uniti_Nova_Edited Yamaha_A-S301_Stock




Arcam_SR250_#FV25R01106_SR Arcam_SR250_System_#FV25R01106_SR Zesto_Andros-Tessera

MINIWATT N3 tube integrated amp.  3.5 watts.  No box  Trade-in unit.



VTL_TL-5.5_Series_II_Signature Linn_Majik_DSM2_#1396678_Demo Exposure_2010S2D_MM_Phono_#D003539HD_Demo Cary_Cinema_12_#11C122079_AH Audio_Research_GSi75_#50441_SC_Edited Audio_Research_GSi75_System_#50441_SC Denon_AVR-1010G_LS_CC Creek_CAS4140_#A102807_C&C LFD_Phono_LE_SE_#283_LC Music_Hall_A15.3 LFD_MkV_System_#174 copy LFD_MkV_#174 copy Sony_TA-E80ES_#A700179_NT LFD_LE_II_#194_RT LFD_LE_II_#194_System_RT Rega_Aethos Sony_TA-N80ES_#A7001800_NT Sony_TA-N80ES_#A700180_Closeup_Middle_NT Sony_TA-N80ES_#A700180_Closeup_NT Yamaha_A-S3200 Unison_Research_Nuovo_Silver_Stock Yamah_A-S2200_Silver_Cropped Yamaha_A-S1200_Black Unison_Rsearch_Due_Black Arcam__P349_#FA34P00053_15-18_B1_Stock copy


Mark_Levinson_5805_#1031_Demo   copy Cambridge_AXA35-AX-A35 Yamaha_A-S2100 Sugden_Masterclass_LA-4 Sugden_Masterclass_LA-4_Rear Naim_NAP250_#234827_TT Naim_NAP250_System_#234827_TT VTL_IT-85 Mark_Levinson_335_#1419_GB Mark_Levinson_335_#1419_Top_Cover_GB Moon_310LP_#T5736685_FM Exposure_IV_#258_FM Exposure_IV_System_#258_FM Naim_RS2164_supernait-2_3-lpr VTL_TL-2.5i_Stock Cambridge_AX-A35_#KWC1108369530158 Wharfedale_Denton_80th_#WH051705BDH0146_Cambridge_ Music_Hall_PA1.2 Music_Hall_PA1.2_Rear Unison_Primo_#500940_JO MiniWatt_N3_IZ MiniWatt_N3_Rear_IZ Audiolab_8300A_Stock_Edited Rega_Brio_Stock LFD_Anniversary_Integrated_#101_Demo_Retake copy Burmester_011_#392007_BO Burmester_011_#392007_System_BO NAD_D3020_V2_#H94D3020V208046_JK NAD_D3020_V2_Box_#H94D3020V208046_JK NAD_D3020_V2_Closeup_#H94D3020V208046_JK Graham_Slee_Era_Gold_V_#0240-143_MM Triode_Labs_2A3GT2_#14006A&B_System_DC Triode_Labs_2A3GT2_#14006A&B_Pair_DC. Triode_Labs_2A3GT2_#14006A&B_Badge_DC._edited-1 Triode_Labs_2A3GT2_#14006A&B_PSVANE_Tube_DC._edited-1