Pre Owned and Demo Amps/Preamps

BRYSTON 6B-SST² Pro 3 channel power amplifier 300 watts per channel into 8 ohms and 500 watts into 4 ohms.  Pro version features variable attenuator and 23 dB and 29 dB gain settings.  B-stock unit with some minor blemishes, functionally excellent.  Includes original box and balance of Bryston warranty (June 2010 manufacture).

REVOX B150 integrated amp.  Some blemishes and led fadeout, otherwise functionally sound.  No remote.  In-store cash and carry.

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NAIM NAP 155 XS power amp.  Excellent condition, includes original box.

NAIM Super Nait 2 integrated amp.  World class PRaT in one convenient package.  B-stock unit with a minor blemish, functionally excellent.  Includes Canadian distributor warranty.  Original box and remote. 

MISSION Cyrus Two integrated with optional PSX power supply.  Punchy, lively and dynamic presentation.  Hard to beat at the price.  Includes manual.  Some blemishes, functionally sound.  In-store cash and carry.

SONY UDA-1 USB amplifier DAC with remote. Includes original box and manual.  Trade-in.

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BRYSTON 7B-SST single mono block.  600 watts into 8 ohms and 900 into 4.  Ultimate power and dynamics.  XLR and RCA.  Minor blemish, functionally excellent.  Includes original box and manual.














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BRYSTON B135SST² integrated amplifier. One of the last production B135SST² units just prior to the Cubed series release (date code of February 2016).  135 watts into 8 ohms and 180 into 4. Excellent resolution and dynamics. Features pre-out and power-in for use with separates. No remote. B-stock unit with a minor blemish, functionally excellent.  Buy with confidence from an authorized Bryston retailer.


LFD PA3 power amp. Refined and sweet with a tube-like midrange and extended bottom end. Rare on the used market. One of Dr. Bews' most accomplished amplifiers before the introduction of the DPA monos. Corian faceplate. Some blemishes, functionally excellent.


MICROMEGA M-One integrated amp/DAC/preamp in premium orange scrach resistant enamel finish.  Features XLR and RCA inputs and onboard mm/mc phono stage. Show special.  Includes original box.



NAD T747 A/V receiver. 110 watts per channel into 8 ohms (2 channels driven) or 60 into 8 ohms (7 channels driven). Includes original box, manual and remote.




DEVIALET Ensemble package. Includes Devialet 120 integrated and Atohm GT-1 monitors in white lacquer finish. "Across the board, this package is one of the most musically cohesive combinations I’ve heard." - (Andrew Simpson, Hi-Fi Choice).


NORMA IPA-140 USB integrated amplifier. Includes factory installed USB1 input and mm/mc phono module. This Italian made beauty exudes quality both aesthetically and sonically. Features one set of balanced inputs in addition to the RCAs. In-store auditions welcome. Includes original double boxes, manual and remote.


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MOON W-8 dual-mono power amp. This Canadian beauty produces 250 watts into 8 ohms and 500 into 4. Excellent resolution and world class dynamics. B-stock unit with some blemishes, functionally sound. Includes original box, packing foam and manual.


BLUE CIRCLE BC2000 tube hybrid mono blocks with dedicated BCG2000 outboard power supplies. World class fit and finish with an equally cultured sonic presentation. Deep, powerful bass allied to an organic, palpable midrange.  Offered at less than a 1/4 of original MSRP.  Interesting trades welcome.



AUDIO ZONE PRE-A1 preamp with remote. Canadian made beauty with excellent voicing and taut, tuneful bass. Includes original box. Trade-in.  







MCINTOSH MC275 MKVI tube power amplifier.  Approximately 15 months old.  Includes original box, tube cage and manual.  Minor blemish, functionally excellent.  Trade-in unit.



LINN Sneaky DSM integrated amp/digital music player.  33 watts per channel.  Features 3 HDMI inputs and one HDMI output as well as 2 digital inputs (one RCA and one Toslink) and one set of RCA line level inputs.  Musical, versatile and reliable.  Includes original box.  

BRYSTON BP26DA preamplifier with on-board DAC.  B-stock unit in beautiful condition.  Includes original box.  Manufactured in 2011...remainder of Bryston's world class warranty on the preamp section.  MPS-2 power supply in photo not included in the price.

ARCAM FMJ A49 integrated amp.  200 watts/channel.  Excellent dynamics and detail.  On-board MM phono.  Includes original box.  Trade-in unit.








BRYSTON SP3 preamp/processor.  World class performance from one of Canada's own.  B-stock unit with a very minor blemish, functionally sound.  November 2013 manufacture date, updated in 2017.  Includes original box, manual and BR3 remote.



NAGRA VPA 845 tube monos. These Swiss beauties exude world class quality. " The transparency was astounding...imaging was extremely holographic...the full and total explication of the space by the VPAs is a knockout." - Jonathan Scull (Stereophile). Features balanced inputs and 4, 8 and 16 ohm speaker taps. True reference calibre performance and fit and finish. Available for in-store audition. Minor blemishes, functionally sound.  Includes original boxes and tube protectors.



C.E.C. HD53 Version 8 headphone amp.  Volume pot is "scratchy" but otherwise sonically sound.  Includes original box and manual.  In-store cash and carry.



LFD LE phono stage.  Gorgeous mids with deep rich bass and a smooth top end.  Includes original box.



NAIM NAP 200 power amplifier. Not the current DR version. A champ at pace, rhythm and timing. Trade-in with a 2010 manufacture date (Serial number 296XXX). Buy with confidence from an authorized Naim retailer.  



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MOON Evolution W-7 RS power amplifier in silver finish.  Factory sealed B-Stock.  Beautiful balance of power and refinement.  Interesting Trades Considered.


OPUS DZM20 zone module.  Unused.  Includes original box.



NAIM StageLine-N phono stage.  Designed for moving magnet cartridges.  2014 manufacture (368xxx serial number).  Trade-in unit, includes original box.  



ARCAM FMJ A28 integrated amp with MM phono input. Features 2 sets of speaker outputs, 6 line level inputs and a pre-out. 75 watts per channel into 8 ohms and 130 into 4. Excellent balance of detail and smoothness. Originally purchased from our shop.





CAMBRIDGE Azur 651A integrated amp with remote and box. Features USB and MP3 inputs as well as pre-out and sub-out functions. 75 watts per channel. Trade-in.




NAIM Nait 5si integrated amp.  353xxx serial number.  Trade-in unit.  Includes original box and remote.


YAMAHA RX-797 A/V receiver.  Includes original manual and 2 remotes.   Trade-in.  



Arcam_FMJ_A49.jpg~original CEC_HD53_PK


LFD DPA mono block amplifiers. Palpable midrange akin to accomplished tube designs with beautifully balanced bass...deep and taut. These British made gems are the cream of the LFD crop just below the Anniversary mono blocks. Minor blemish, functionally perfect.




Naim_Stageline-N_JH Bryston_BP26DA_#1291_1107_MPS-2_#1776_1505_Silver copy Klyne_SK-5A_System_CN_For_AE Simaudio_Moon_W8_Silver_B-Stock Nagra_VPA_System_For_AE_AT Nagra_VPA_Midshot_AT Devialet_Ensemble_RD-2 LFD_PA3_Retake Naim_SuperNait_2_Stackcopy Revox_B150_Retake_June_2017 Norma_Revo-IPA140USB_#4314-01_AT Bryston_4B-SST_Silver_19 Naim_Nait_5si_#353087_MO Martin_Logan_Grotto_#BEOF033_System_MB_Bryston_6B- Martin_Logan_Grotto_#BEOF033_MB Bryston_B1352_B-Stock_#334_1606 Bryston_7B-SST_Single_#211_0301_B-Stock_Edited McIntosh_MC275_MkVI_#ABP3257_BC   copy McIntosh_MC275_MkVI_System_#ABP3257_BC copy

Mark Levinson No 532 power amp. A mighty 400 watts per channel. Incredible control and finesse. B-stock demo unit. Includes original box.  $28,000 SRP when current.  Interesting trades considered.




Mark_Levinson_532_System Mark_Levinson_532_Left

COPLAND CTA-405 tube integrated amp with remote. This Danish beauty uses 4 x KT88s to produce 50 watts of deep, rich bass, palpable mids and smooth, extended highs. Trade-in, includes manual, box and packing foam.



LEXICON DD-8 eight channel power amplifier.  125 watts x 8.  Includes original box.  Some blemishes, functionally excellent.





Audio_Zone_Pre-A1_DU Linn_Sneaky_DSM_#1353717_Demo Naim_NAP200_PM

BRYSTON 7B-SST² Pro mono blocks.  600 watts per channel.  Power and grace.  Includes original boxes.  B-stock pair with just over 12 years of Bryston's world class warranty.



UNISON Research Secondo tube hybrid integrated amp with phono.  Silver finish.  A giant killer...oodles of detail with beautifully expressive mids and excellent dynamics.




Bryston_7B-SST2_B-Stock_#2128_2129 Bryston_7B-SST2_B-Stock_#2128_29_BP6_System_#000393_ES

ARCAM FMJ A39 integrated amplifier with MM phono.  B-stock unit in beautiful condition.  Minor blemish, functionally excellent.  Includes remote, original box and packing foam.  Stock photo for reference.




Arcam_A28_#FA28I01540_LR Arcam_A39 Sony_UDA-1_Amp_DAC_#8800252_SS Micromega_M-One_Demo_And_PS_Audio_AC-12_1M_Power_Cord_DT NAD_T747_Demo_#A92T747G01226 Yamaha_RX-797_#Y442268VX Opus_DZM20_Digital_Zone_Module_NOS_#03111716 Cambridge_651A_#C1046811090033 LFD_DPA_#137_A&B_DU



CAMBRIDGE CP1 MM phono stage in black finish.  Features rear panel balance control.  A very capable performer and excellent value.  Trade-in, includes original box and packing foam.




Copland_CTA405_#405214_PW Copland_CTA405_System_#405214_PW copy

ARTEMIS LABS DP-2 tube monoblocks. These American beauties utilize 2A3 power output tubes, KT88 for driver tubes, 5U4GB rectifier tubes and 12AU7. Gorgeous mids. 10 watts per channel. Available for audition. Some blemishes, functionally excellent. Includes original boxes.  $10,000 USD MSRP.  



Artemis_Labs_DP-2_D Artemis_Labs_DP-2_System_Retake_D