Pre Owned and Demo Amps/Preamps

BRYSTON 28B Cubed mono blocks.  Powerhouse amps rated at 1000 watts per channel.  Silver 19" faceplates.  2016 manufacture.

BRYSTON BP17 Cubed preamp with optional phono.  Silver 17" faceplate.  Factory sealed from our remaining inventory.  No remote.

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NAIM NAP 155 XS power amp.  Includes original box.  Former demo unit with minimal use.  2012 manufacture date (330xxx serial number). Recently discontinued.

UNISON RESEARCH Unico Primo hybrid integrated amplifier.  An overachiever at the price.  Excellent power, dynamics, sweetness and resolution.  New in stock. 

LFD NCSE II integrated amplifier. A star at midrange reproduction. Deep, rich bass and a beautifully extended top end. This model has recently been replaced by the new MkIII (also available for in-store audition).  Trade-in, originally purchased from our shop.

DEVIALET 140 Pro integrated amp with Core Infinity.  Brand new and factory sealed.  Interesting trades considered.

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BRYSTON 7B-SST single mono block.  600 watts into 8 ohms and 900 into 4.  Ultimate power and dynamics.  XLR and RCA.  B-stock with a minor blemish, functionally excellent.  Includes original box and manual.














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NAIM SuperNait 3 integrated on display.  Newest version which includes the following meaningful upgrades; Class A headphone amplification, Alps Blue Velvet volume control, Reed relay input selection, ceramic insulators for the power transistors, galvanically isolated microprocessor control section, microphonic-isolating PCB mounts.


LFD PA3 power amp. Refined and sweet with a tube-like midrange and extended bottom end. Rare on the used market. One of Dr. Bews' most accomplished amplifiers before the introduction of the DPA monos. Corian faceplate. Some blemishes, functionally excellent.


SUGDEN A21SE Signature 30 watt pure Class A integrated on display and it is excellent. "...the Sugden A21SE Signature is an amplifier that every audiophile and music lover should own. For some it will be a destination product..." - Jeff Dorgay (ToneAudio).



HOVLAND HP100 tube line stage. Midrange palpability and top end smoothness are the hallmarks of this beauty.  Minor blemishes, functionally sound.




BRYSTON 14B-SST2 power amp.  Rated at 600 watts into 8 ohms and 900 into 4.  Includes original box, manual, test report and a copy of the original receipt.  XLR and RCA.  Interesting trades considered.


BRYSTON 28B Cubed single mono block.  Silver 19".  Factory sealed B-Stock.


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LFD LS2 "Signature" linestage. Beautifully transparent and detailed piece from the engineering prowess of Dr. Richard Bews. Handcrafted with meticulous attention to parts selection and implementation. Corian faceplate. Some blemishes, functionally excellent.  Trade-in.


UNISON Research Unico Due tube hybrid integrated amp with Phono.  Brand new in stock in silver and black.



CLASSE CP-800 preamp.  This beauty has an upgraded digital board with streaming and USB up to 192 khz.  Minor blemish, functionally sound.  Trade-in.  







ONKYO TX-SR304 home theatre receiver.  Older unit.  No remote.  In-store cash and carry.



LINN Sneaky DSM integrated amp/digital music player.  33 watts per channel.  Features 3 HDMI inputs and one HDMI output as well as 2 digital inputs (one RCA and one Toslink) and one set of RCA line level inputs.  Musical, versatile and reliable.  Includes original box.  

AUDIO NOTE (UK) Conqueror Silver single ended pure class A tube amp.  This is the premium Silver version which includes Audio Note Tantalum film resistors and IHiB C-core output transformers.  Includes original box and manual.  Trade-in.  

ARCAM FMJ A49 integrated amp.  200 watts/channel.  Excellent dynamics and detail.  On-board MM phono.  Trade-in unit with original box.  Pictured is our previous demo unit.  Interesting trades considered.








LINN Majik DSM integrated amp streamer.  Our former demo unit.  Includes original box.  Black finish.



NAIM Nait XS-2 integrated amp.  Brand New and Factory Sealed. Buy with confidence from an authorized Naim retailer...Canadian distributor warranty to the first owner.  Pictured is our previous demo unit.


C.E.C. HD53 Version 8 headphone amp.  Volume pot is "scratchy" but otherwise sonically sound.  Includes original box and manual.  In-store cash and carry.



LFD Zero LE MkV integrated amplifier.  A reference product for midrange prowess, top end refinement and beautifully balanced bass.  A darling among reviewers and audiophiles alike.  In-store audition welcome.  Our demo unit with 2 year warranty.  Pictured is our previous trade-in.



ALLNIC H-1201 tube MM/MC phono stage. Highly regarded and well reviewed. Minor blemish, functionally sound.  Trade-in unit.  



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BRYSTON 3B Cubed power amp.  200 watts into 8 ohms and 300 into 4.  Silver 19" beauty with rack handles.  World class fit/finish and performance.  Interesting trades welcome.


OPUS DZM20 zone module.  Unused.  Includes original box.  In-store cash and carry.



CAMBRIDGE Audio CXA80 integrated amp in black finish.  Balanced and RCA inputs.  USB input and Sub-Out.  Demo unit available at a great price.  Full distributor warranty.  Pictured is our previous trade-in for reference.  



NAIM NAC152 XS preamp.  Original box, manual and remote.





NAIM Uniti Atom all in one music player.  Compact, versatile and highly musical.  Refurb unit with full Canadian distributor warranty.  Includes original box.



NAIM Nait 5si integrated amp.  Trade-in unit.  Includes original box and remote.


HALCRO MC30 3-channel power amplifier. 400 watts per channel into 4 ohms. Gorgeous fit and finish. XLR and RCA.  Some blemishes, functionally sound.  Trade-in.  





DYNAVECTOR P75 MkIII MM/MC phono stage.  Trade-in.  Replaced by the MkIV.  We have these in stock also.



LFD Silver Signature integrated amp. Beautifully made and painstakingly voiced for maximum musical satisfaction. One of Dr. Bews' finer efforts from his previous generation offerings. The Silver Signature is a premium version of the Zero MKII. Very limited production run and even fewer made their way to North America. Midrange refinement and top end sweetness akin to accomplished tube designs with the resolution and drive of high quality solid state. Minor blemish.  In-store pickup please.



LFD MMC phono stage.  Numerous blemishes, functionally excellent.  Trade-in unit.


LEXICON DD-8 eight channel power amplifier.  125 watts x 8.  Includes original box.  B-stock unit with minor blemishes, functionally excellent.






BRYSTON 4B Cubed power amp.  300 watts into 8 ohms and 500 into 4.  Factory sealed silver 17" beauty with blue LEDs.  Remaining only.  Interesting trades welcome.



CYRUS 6a integrated amp with remote and original box.  Minor blemish, functionally sound.




MOON i3.3 DPX integrated amp.  DPX version loaded with DAC, phono stage and a set of balanced inputs (in addition to the standard RCAs).  Minor blemish, functionally sound.






ARCAM P349 3-channel power amplifier.  180 watts into 8 ohms for 3 channels driven.  XLR and RCA inputs.  B-stock unit with original box and manual.  Interesting trades welcome.




MUSICAL FIDELITY M3Si integrated amp on display.



NAIM NAP 500 DR power amp with separate power supply.  A master at pace, rhythm and timing and world class resolution.  Excellent refurb unit.  Buy with confidence from an authorized Naim retailer, this beauty includes full distributor warranty.  Available for in-store audition.  Interesting trades considered.


BRINKMANN Edison phono stage. Features 3 inputs. Uses 4 Telefunken PCF803 tubes for a palpable, highly resolving presentation. This is the original version, purchased from our shop approximately 5 years ago. Includes original box and granite base. Pictured is our previous demo unit for reference. Actual pic to follow.  


NAIM Uniti Star Reference All-in-One-Player.  Refurb unit with full Canadian distributor warranty.  Includes original box.  




ZESTO Andros Tessera tube phono stage.  Accommodates up to 4 tonearms.  


BRYSTON BP1.5 MM/MC phono stage.  Minor blemish b-stock unit.  Functionally perfect.  Remainder of Bryston's world class warranty until January, 2032.  Requires a Bryston MPS 1 or MPS2 power supply.  $3195 MSRP when current.  


QUAD 34/306 preamp and power amp.  Highly musical combo.  Very slight noise on start up that goes away after a few minutes.  Includes original manual.  Trade-in.  In-store pickup only please.



Halcro_MC30_#A0000283_RA Quad_34_#Q021113_306_#Q00

NAIM StageLine "S" MC phono stage. Includes original box.  Minor blemish, functionally sound.  Trade-in unit.


MUSICAL FIDELITY Nu Vista 600 integrated amp in silver finish.  Available for audition.





CAMBRIDGE CXR120 receiver.  B-stock unit with distributor warranty.  Multiple rave reviews.  Excellent performance and versatility.



REGA Aura Reference MC top of the line phono stage in stock.  


REGA Fono MM phono stage.  Original version.




SONNETEER Bronte integrated amp with remote and original box.  Minor blemish, functionally sound.  Trade-in.


REGA Osiris integrated amp.  Top line integrated from one of the most venerable names in British hifi.  Dual mono design producing a robust 162 Watts into 8 Ohms and 250 into 4.  Deep, rich bass and a smooth, resolving top end.  Includes original box, remote and Rega power cord.  Minor blemishes, functionally excellent. Trade-in.


CLEARAUDIO Absolute Phono Inside MC.  World class resolution and dynamics.  Our demo unit, purchased from the previous Canadian distributor approximately 3.5 years ago.  Includes original wooden box.  Interesting trades considered.




MUSICAL FIDELITY M6 Encore 225 watt integrated amp/streamer.  Show special, includes original box.  Buy with confidence from an authorized Musical Fidelity retailer, this beauty comes with full Canadian distributor warranty.






LFD_MkV Naim_NAC152XS_NAP155XS_System

CLASSE CA-2300 power amp.  A robust 300 watts into 8 ohms and 600 into 4.  Includes original box.  Minor blemishes, functionally sound.



spL Director preamp with on-board D/A converter.  World class transparency and dynamics.  Approximately 16 months old.  Includes original box.  Pictured top.  $4899 SRP when current.  Interesting trades considered.  Our demo unit with warranty.



Naim_Uniti_Star Musical-fidelity-encore-225-black Naim_StageLine_S_#359014_D


Musical_Fidelity_Nu_Vista_600-front-silver_copy Sonneteer_Bronte_Retake_#1892 Sonneteer_Bronte_System_Retake_#1892

NAIM NAP 250.2 power amplifier.  2015 manufacture date just prior to the release of the DR series (387xxx SN).  Excellent dynamics and an ace at pace, rhythm and timing.  Trade-in, includes original box.  Blemish on top front right of chassis, functionally sound.


Naim_NAP250-2_#387314_System_BL Naim_NAP250-2_#387314_BL Arcam_A49_#FA49A1009_1431

REVOX Joy S119 network receiver.  Features digital coax and optical inputs as well as RCA aux inputs.  60 watts per channel.  Can be used with the Revox Joy app or optional S119 remote.  Our former demo unit.




YBA 1 Alpha preamp with optional phono.  Minor blemish, functionally sound.



YBA_1_#P0833L5P_System_D YBA_1_#P0833L5P_D Dynavector_P75_Mk3_AM LFD_LS2_Preamp

DEVIALET 220 Pro in stock.  Brand new and factory sealed.  Special pricing limited to current inventory.



BRYSTON SP3 pre/processor with standard 4K HDMI board.  B-stock unit in silver...this Canadian made beauty came to us directly from Bryston.  Interesting trades considered.



LFD_NCSE_II_#102_System LFD_NCSE_II_#102


SPL_Director_#16148000038_Phonos_#17143000036_Performer_S800#17160000031_Demo   copy LFD_Anniversary_Linestage-R_PA3_Retake Linn_Majik_DSM_From_2014 Cyrus_6a_Retake Unison_Research_Unico_Due

MUSICAL FIDELITY M6 Vinyl phono stage.  Black finish.  Trade-in unit, originally purchased from our shop.


BRYSTON 14B-ST 500 watt power amp.  Minor blemishes, functionally sound.  No box or manual.  2001 date code.  Remainder of Bryston's world class warranty.  Trade-in unit.



UNISON Research Simply Italy tube integrated amp. Trade-in unit.


NAGRA MPA-RCSI integrated amplifier.  250 watt Mosfet design.  Power and grace.  Includes remote. Beautiful condition, remote has minor blemishes.  Trade-in unit.



NAIM NAP 300 power amp in stock.  Interesting trades considered.



BRYSTON 7B Cubed mono blocks.  Factory sealed silver 19".



MUSICAL FIDELITY Nu Vista 800 integrated amp.  300 watts per channel.  Multiple rave reviews.  Trade-in.  Includes original box.  Interesting trades considered.




MUSIC HALL A70.2 integrated amp.  Excellent value integrated producing 125 watts per channel, MM phono input, headphone output, pre-out and XLR and RCA inputs.  Brand New.  Limited to current stock only.



BRYSTON 875HT 8 Channel power amp.  B-stock unit with black 17" faceplate.  Remainder of Bryston's world class warranty.





Naim_Uniti_Atom_Our_Demo_#415781 Clearaudio_Absolute_Phono_#029023_Our_Demo

MCINTOSH 240 tube power amp.  This beauty has been updated with Mundorf caps.  Includes a matched quad of the highly regarded RCA 6L6GC tubes.  Minor blemishes, functionally excellent. Trade-in unit.  In-store pickup please.



Hovland_HP100_#03171705_DL Bryston_14B-ST_Trade-In_NG Bryston_SP3_#000535_13-23_Retake_B-Stock copy Moon_i3.3_DPX_#K705562_DL Bryston_7B-SST_Single_#211_0301_B-Stock_Edited

NAIM NAC 282 preamp with NAPSC power supply.  Includes original box.  Interesting trades considered.




CAMBRIDGE Edge W top of the line power amp.  Incredible speed, bass prowess and resolution.  Great pricing available on our demo unit.  Auditions welcome.



HEGEL Rost integrated amp with built-in DAC.  Gorgeous "Smooth" white finish.  Features XLR and RCA inputs.  Multiple rave reviews.  Approximately two months old.  Includes original box, manual and remote.


Hegel_Rost_#83A928_GG copy

UNISON Research Unico Primo tube hybrid integrated amp with optional phono stage.  Well reviewed.  Demo unit.  Minor blemishes, functionally excellent.  Includes original box, manual and remote.



Unison_Research_Unico_Primo_With_Phono_#500471_Demo copy Arcam__P349_#FA34P00053_15-18_B1_Stock copy

NAIM Uniti Nova all-in-one integrated amp/streamer.  Incredibly musical and versatile player.  AudioFest Show special.  One only.


LFD_MMC_June_2019_DU copy Naim_Nait_XS-2_#415963_Refurb   copy

BAT VK-500 solid state power amp. 250 watts into 8 ohms and 450 into 4. Iron fisted bass control and excellent resolution. Some blemishes, functionally sound  Trade-in unit.  In-store pickup please.



BLUE CIRCLE  BC2000 tube hybrid monoblocks with dedicated BCG2000 outboard power supplies. World class fit and finish with an equally cultured sonic presentation. Deep, powerful bass allied to an organic, palpable midrange. These beauties are one of the jewels in Blue Circle's crown. Minor blemishes, functionally sound. Includes boxes. In-store pickup please.


Metrum_HEX_DAC_System_CN_For_AE Bryston_14B-SST2_#000725_10-04_TS copy Spendor_A3_#312B00357&362_DF   copy Bryston_BP1.5MC_#150137-1204_B-Stock_Retake_Cropped Rega_Aura_Phono



BRINKMANN Mono block amps. Beautiful aesthetics with taut bass and palpable mids. 150 watts into 8 ohms and 250 into 4. Includes original boxes and granite bases. A couple of minor blemishes, functionally excellent.  Interesting trades considered.  Trade-in pair.


CAMBRIDGE Edge A top of the line integrated amp.  Incredible speed, bass prowess and resolution.  Great pricing available on our demo unit.  Auditions welcome.


BRYSTON B60P integrated amp with onboard Phono. Black 17” factory sealed B-Stock unit.



BRYSTON BP2 MM/MC phono stage.  Factory sealed B-Stock unit.  Requires separate power supply.



BRYSTON PS3 power supply for BP-26, BP 1.5, BP-2 and 10B.  Factory sealed B-Stock unit.



Sugden_A21_SE_Signature_Red_#2695 copy McIntosh_240_EW copy Brinkmann_Monoblocks_System Brinkmann_Monoblock Audio_Note_Conqueror_Silver_#C6SE-3425_EW Cambridge_CXA80_#C1076315070141_CK



Classe_CA-2300_#2172185_MR_edited Classe_CP-800_#2144064_MR

REGA Brio integrated amp.  Special pricing on the AudioFest show unit (originally a refurb unit).  Distributor warranty.




REGA Auria mm/mc phono stage.  Special pricing on the AudioFest show unit.  Distributor warranty.



Rega_Aria_AudioFest2019_#39875 Naim_SuperNait_3 Brinkmann_Edison_Demo LFD_Silver_Signature_#147_AS_Edited