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MUSIC HALL A70.2 integrated amp.                 $2000 SRP

Excellent value integrated producing

125 watts per channel, MM phono input,

headphone output, pre-out and XLR and

RCA inputs.  Brand New.  Limited to

Current Stock Only.





ELIPSON Omega 100 turntable with Ortofon OM10 cartridge.  Plays 33/45/78.  Brand New.  Available in black, white or red.  


NORDOST Valhalla 1M BNC digital             $2224.99

interconnect with RCA adaptor. Reference

calibre resolution and dynamics.

These beauties come in the original Nordost

wood case.  


Plus tax.  Limited Quantities at these prices.


Please Call

(905) 503-0850

Suggested Retail Price

(Current or When New)

REGA Planar 6 Turntable in Stock.                              

Choice of Exact or Ania cartridge or without cartridge.



TOTEM Acoustic Hawk floor standers             $3250

in rare Espresso finish.  Beautifully balanced

speaker with taut bass, articulate mids and

an extended top end.  Mint Demo pair.  Includes

original boxes and packaging.  In-store only.




$779 SRP

Selling Price






SOLID TECH Turntable Shelf (Large).               $300

Black Finish.  One Only.








Totem_Hawk_Espresso_Demo Totem_Hawk_Espresso_System_Demo



Rega_Planar_6 Nordost_Valhalla_1M_Digital_BNC-RCA_#2335X_Box_New Nordost_Valhalla_1M_Digital_BNC-RCA_#2335X_New Elipson_Omega_100 Music_Hall_A70.2

NORDOST Sort-Lift In-Store Promo.

20% Off MSRP

SME Model 10 turntable with 309 tonearm.     $12,700

Brand New and Factory Sealed in stock.

Making room for the new Model 12.

Interesting Trades Considered.



REGA Planar 1, 2 and 3.                 $599, $799 and $1199

Brand New and Factory Sealed in stock.

Cartridge extra.



$499, $699 and $999