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BRINKMANN Bardo with 10.0 tonearm.  

World class fit and finish with a performance    $11,050 SRP

to match.  Stock Photo for reference only.

Numerous cartridge options available from

Benz Micro, Dynavector, Ortofon, Brinkmann,

Kiseki, SoundSmith, Linn and Hanna.



REVEL Concerta2 Series and Performa3 Series TAVES Show specials.  F35 and F36 floor standers, B10 subwoofer and C25 centre channel available.  The bang for the buck is set to a new bar, these beauties do justice to all music genres.   Performa3 B112 and B110 subwoofers and C208 centre channel also available.


VPI Scout II LE with 10 inch JMW-10 tonearm, VTA tower and Classic feet.  This "tricked out" version elevates the already excellent standard Scout II (with 9" tonearm, standard coned feet and no VTA tower) to new heights.  Explosive dynamics and exquisite detail.  There was only a limited run of these beauties.


TEAC TN300 turntable.                                 $599 SRP          


Features on-board phono stage and USB port

and includes an Audio Technica cartridge.

Factory Sealed.


Plus tax.  Limited Quantities at these prices.


Please Call

(905) 503-0850

Suggested Retail Price

(Current or When New)

REGA Brio integrated with RP1 turntable



Limited Time Offer.



REGA RP6 turntable.                                   $1999 SRP

Beautiful condition b-stock unit

with Distributor Warranty.

Includes original box.  No cartridge.





Selling Price

Brinkmann_Bardo Revel_Concerta2_F35







REGA RP Queen Turntable.  



VPI_Scout_II_10_Inch_VTA__System VPI_Scout_II_10_Inch_VTA Rega_RP_Queen