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CARDAS Cross 1.25M phono cable.  Straight DIN to RCA.  Part of Cardas' Legacy Series (limited availability as they are no longer in production).  Original box.  Stock photo for reference.


LFD Grainless 1.25M RCA interconnects.  Trade-in pair.

AUDIOQUEST Water 0.5M RCA interconnects.  Trade-in, includes original box.


TRANSPARENT Balanced Digital Link cable.  1M.  In-store cash and carry.

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SILTECH Ruby Hill 1.5M power cord.  Refurb with full distributor warranty.  Includes original box.




CARDAS Clear 2.5M power cord.  In-store cash and carry.  



LFD Hybrid Ribbon 3M speaker cables.  Brand new.  Incredible value.  Gorgeous mids and excellent extension at the frequency extremes.



ACTINOTE interconnects.  1M RCA.  In-store cash and carry.



NORDOST Heimdall 0.6M DIN to DIN cable.  New old stock.  Comes in original packaging.



STAX SRE-725 headphone extension cable.  2.5M length.  In-store cash and carry.


SILTECH Emperor Crown 2M speaker cables with spades.  Guaranteed authentic...purchased from the authorized Canadian distributor.  These beauties will bring out the best from the most accomplished speakers.  Demo pair.  Includes original box.  Stock photo for reference.








LFD Digilink Tube 0.5M RCA digital cable.  Excellent resolution.  An overachiever at the price.  Includes original packaging.

CARDAS Golden Presence 3M speaker cables. Biwire configuration with 1/4" spades. Beautiful balance of resolution and tonal richness. Buy with confidence from an authorized Cardas retailer, we purchased these from the Canadian Cardas distributor.


SILTECH Princess 1M XLR interconnects.  World class performance with excellent inner detail and extension at the frequency extremes.  Trade-in pair.  Includes certificate of authenticity and original box.



SILTECH Empress Crown 1.5M XLR Interconnects.  Reference calibre.  Great savings on a demo pair with certificate of authenticity and original box.  These came from the Canadian distributor to us.



VPI phono cable.  1.5M RCA to RCA with ground wire.  Brand new in stock.




STRAIGHT WIRE Serenade II single 4M XLR interconnect.  Includes box.  In-store cash and carry.





Transparent_Balanced_Digital_Link_GD LFD_Digilink_Tube_0.5M_RCA Stax_SRE-725_Boxed_ES

NAIM HiLine 5-5 pin DIN interconnect.  1.2M length.  Trade-in.




SILTECH 330L jumpers.  Includes original box. Trade-in.  


SILTECH Classic Anniversary 1M digital RCA cable.  Refurb, includes original box.




NORDOST Blue Heaven 1M XLR interconnects with box.  Trade-in, originally purchased from us.  Only a few months old.





MIT StyleLine SL6 RCA interconnects.  1M length.  Includes original box.  Trade-in pair.



LFD Spiroflex 1 speaker cables.  5 meter length. Non bi-wire.  Excellent value competing with cables at twice the price.



DH Labs Encore 5 foot power cord.   Trade-in.



SILTECH Queen 2M XLR interconnects.  Top shelf performance.  World class resolution and dynamics.  Buy with confidence from an authorized Siltech retailer.  Includes original box and certificate of authenticity.  Interesting trades considered.  



LFD Spiroflex 1 3M biwire speaker cables.  Trade-in pair.


CARDAS Golden Presence 1.5M RCA and XLR interconnects.  Buy with confidence from an authorized Cardas retailer..these are brand new and factory sealed with certificate of authenticity.  Part of Cardas' Legacy Series.  Special buy...priced per pair.



CARDAS Cross 2M speaker cables.  Banana to banana configuration.  Includes original box and certificate of authenticity.



LFD Reference Silver 1.25M RCA interconnects.  Incredible inner detail and top flight soundstage.






Cardas_Cross_2M_Speaker_B-B_#CA-3541 copy

CRYSTAL Cable Dream Line Plus 1.5M XLR interconnects at special pricing. These beauties are brand new with clear provenance from the previous Canadian distributor to us.


CARDAS Twinlink 1M power cord. Trade-in.




PURIST AUDIO DESIGN Colossus 8 foot phono cable.  Angled DIN to RCA.  In-store cash and carry.




AUDIOQUEST YIQ-5 component cable.  1M length.  Trade-in.




NAIM Snaic 4 to 4 pin DIN.  Show demo cable.  Includes original box.




QED Revelation Signature 8 foot speaker cables.  Features QED's excellent Airlock connectors.  In-store cash and carry.



CRYSTAL Digit Standard 1M digital RCA interconnect.  Includes original metal tin container.


KIMBER 4PR ten foot speaker cables with banana terminations.  Trade-in pair...no packaging.




AUDIOQUEST NRG-3 power cord.  6 foot length.  Original box.


NORDOST Valhalla (original series) 1M digital BNC cable.  Includes factory RCA adaptors.  Factory sealed in standard box (not wood box). Pictured is our display demo.




CRYSTAL Connect Reference Diamond 2M XLR interconnects.  Buy with confidence...these beauties are factory sealed from the previous Canadian distributor.  



PS AUDIO Statement 2M power cord with box.  Trade-in.



CRYSTAL Connect Reference 1M RCA interconnects.  Minor blemishes, functionally perfect.  Includes certificate of authenticity, velvet bag and original box.


NORDOST 4Flat 2M speaker cables. Banana to banana termination. Demo pair. Includes original plastic case.




CARDAS Neutral Reference 1.2M tonearm cable.  Angled DIN to RCA.  Numerous blemishes, functionally sound.  In-store cash and carry.





AUDIOQUEST NRG Wild 6 foot power cord. Features 72v DBS battery pack.  Includes original box.  Trade-in.



AUDIOQUEST NRG-10 6 foot power cord with 72V Dielectric-Bias System (DBS). Includes original box.  Trade-in.




SILTECH Ruby Hill II power cord.  2M length.  Includes original box.  World class performance.  Minor blemishes, functionally excellent.



NORDOST Red Dawn 2M RCA interconnects.  Includes  plastic case with matching serial numbered insert.





SILTECH Classic 330i 1M RCA interconnects in stock.



Audioquest_NRG-10_6_Ft_JH Siltech_Emperor_Crown_450x300 2 LFD_Grainless_1.25M_RCA_DM DH_Labs_Encore_5ft_Power_Cord_NT

MARIGO LABS Apparition Digital 3A 1M RCA digital cable. Some blemishes, functionally sound..  Trade-in.




CRYSTAL Cable Ultra Diamond 2M XLR.  Brand New Factory Sealed Pair.






XLO Signature 3 XLR interconnects.  1M length.  Trade-in.



CARDAS HDMI cable.  1M length.  Factory sealed.



CRYSTAL Connect DreamLine Plus 2M XLR interconnects.  Some blemishes, functionally perfect.    Includes original box and certificate of authenticity.  These are the real deal, we purchased them directly from the previous Canadian Crystal distributor.  One box flap has fallen off the hinge (see photo).  Interesting trades considered.




NORDOST Heimdall 1M speaker cables.  Banana terminations in a bi-wire configuration.  Factory sealed B-stock pair.








LFD Mains Cable 1.25M power cord.  Brand new.


NORDOST Blue Heaven 2M RCA interconnects.  Includes original packaging. Minimal use.



Nordost_Blue_Heaven_2M_RCA_#75195_Just_Because DH_Labs_Power_Plus_5_Foot_December_1-18_NT


DH LABS Power Plus 5 foot power cord.  Wattgate connectors.



CARDAS 1M High Speed Data digital cable with RCA terminations.  Distributor demo cable.



CARDAS Hexlink  Five Series power cord.  1.5M.  "Custom Terminations by Kip Dobler & The Silent Terminators".  In-store cash and carry.




XLO Electric Reference 3 speaker cables. 6 foot length factory terminated with bananas in a single wired configuration. Includes original XLO nylon bag. Minor blemish, functionally sound.




NEOTECH power cord with Neotech NC-P302 and NC-P311 connectors.  4 foot length.  Trade-in.



Audio_Sensibility_Statement_4_Ft_15A_GD Cardas_HDMI_1M_#CA-3199_Sealed_From_2016 Cardas_1M_High_Speed_Data_From_2016 Cardas_Clear_2.5M_Power_Cord_C&C



NORDOST Frey2 1M XLR interconnects.  Includes original box.  Trade-in with very light use, originally purchased from our shop.




XLO Signature 3 S3-5.2-6 speaker cables. Shotgun configuration with banana terminations. 6 foot length. Includes original nylon bag.  Trade-in pair.



CARDAS Clear 1M XLR interconnects.  In-store cash and carry.



CRYSTAL Cable Absolute Dream 1M USB cable.  



CARDAS Clear M power cord.  2.5M length.  Includes certificate of authenticity.  In-store cash and carry.




Siltech_Ruby_Hill_II_2M_Closeup_#SG00623336 Siltech_Ruby_Hill_II_2M__#SG00623336

SILTECH SPX-800 1.5M power cord.  Factory refurbished.  Includes original box.




GUTWIRE Basic Clef 5.5 foot power cord.  Excellent bang for the buck.



CRYSTAL Digit Ultra 1M XLR digital interconnect.  Refurbished cable at significant savings.  Includes original box and certificate of authenticity.  


CARDAS Clear Rev.1 RCA interconnects.  1M length.  Includes certificate of authenticity.  In-store cash and carry.




KIMBER CU 5M USB cable with original packaging.  Mini BUS to USB.



Marigo_Labs_Apparition_Digital_3A_1M_RCA_JS Kimber_USB_Mini_Bus_5M_Retake   copy Crystal_Reference_1M_RCA_Demo



SILTECH 270P 1.5M power cord.  Trade-in.  Includes original box and certificate of authenticity.  Originally purchased from our shop.




NORDOST Red Dawn LS 1M XLR interconnects.  A few years old, includes original plastic case.






NORDOST Heimdall 2 2M speaker cables.  Banana to spade termination.  Trade-in pair, originally purchased from our shop.  Includes original box.




CRYSTAL Power Standard Diamond power cord.  2M length.  Factory refurb by the previous Canadian distributor.  Includes original box.




CRYSTAL Cable Special Gem 2M speaker cables with spade terminations.    A reasonable way to get a great "taste" of the Crystal Cable lineup.  Brand New.  Pictured is our demo cable (with banana terminations) for reference.






Crystal_Connect_Ultra_Diamond_2M_XLR_#0863:64 Crystal_Digit_Standard_Diamond_#01885_Demo_Tin


Nordost_Heimdall_2_2M_B-S_#X0454_PP Crystal_Connect_DreamLine_Plus_2M_XLR_#CDLP173-174_Demo_Broken_Box Crystal_Connect_DreamLine_Plus_2M_XLR_#CDLP173-174_Demo_Broken_Box_Certificate_Of_Authenticity_Closeup Gutwire_Basic_Clef_5.5_Ft_JM Cardas_Golden_Presence_3M_Biwire_Quarter_Inch_Spade_#49702_


KIMBER 1.5M USB cable.  Trade-in.




SILTECH Crown Princess interconnects.  Limited Edition Anniversary model.  Factory Sealed.  In Stock in RCA and XLR and both 0.75M and 1M.








CRYSTAL Cable Dream Line Plus 1.5M XLR interconnects at a greatly discounted price. Factory Sealed.  These beauties are brand new with clear provenance from the previous Canadian distributor to us. SRP quoted is per the previous distributor. Interesting trades considered.




SILTECH 180i 1M RCA interconnects.  Trade-in pair...includes box.




SILTECH 770L 2.5M speaker cables.  World class resolution and extension.  Minor blemish, functionally perfect.  Includes original box and certificate of authenticity.




CARDAS Iridium 1.5M phono cable.  RCA to RCA terminations with ground lug.  Demo cable with blemish on heatshrink.  Includes original bag and certificate of authenticity.




Cardas_Iridium_1.5M_RCA-RCA_Demo_Tear_In_Shrink Siltech_770L_2.5M_B-S_#SCA2517362-363_Demo Siltech_Empress_Crown_1.5M_XLR_#SG0069644&45_Demo copy

SILTECH Emperor II 2.5M Biwire speaker cables.  Spade to spade terminations.  Reference calibre.  Great savings on a demo pair with certificate of authenticity and original box.  These came from the Canadian distributor to us.





Cardas_Clear_1M_XLR_C&C Siltech_Queen_2m_XLR_#SG00625767-68_Demo Siltech_270P_1.5M_#SE2802213 Naim_HiLine_5-5_DIN_D LFD_Spiroflex_1_3M_JD

SILTECH Explorer 180L 3M speaker cables.  B-stock pair with full distributor warranty.  Includes original box and certificate of authenticity.  





KIMBER Kable KCAG 1M interconnects with WBT-0147 RCAs. Includes original box and outer sleeve.




Naim NACA5 7M speaker cables.  Banana terminations.  Trade-in pair, customer went up to Naim's SuperLumina speaker cables.




Cardas_Golden_Presence_1.5M_XLR And_RCA_#CA-4674

NORDOST Blue Heaven 1.25M DIN to RCA tonearm cable.  Trade-in, includes original box.





SILTECH 330i 2M XLR interconnects.  Trade-in pair.  Originally purchased from our shop brand new a few years ago.





CRYSTAL Cable Absolute Dream 1M power cord.  Factory sealed from the previous Canadian distributor.  Interesting trades considered.




CRYSTAL Cable DreamLine Plus 2M power cord.  Brand new from the previous Canadian distributor.  Taken out of the shrinkwrap.  Interesting trades considered.





PS AUDIO Power Plus 1M power cord.  In-store cash and carry.




STRAIGHT WIRE Encore II XLR interconnects.  1M length.  In-store cash and carry.



Straight_Wire_Encore_II_1M_XLR_C&C_Edited Siltech_Princess_1M_XLR_#SG00625359&60_GP Siltech_CROWN_PRINCESS_BOX

QED Qunex 3 RCA 0.5M interconnects.  Factory sealed.  Great bang for the buck.




CARDAS HDMI cable.  1.5M length.  Clear provenance, purchased from the Canadian distributor.


SILTECH Triple Crown 1M XLR interconnects.  Siltech's cream of the crop with reference calibre dynamics, resolution and harmonics.  Demo pair with clear provenance, we purchased these beauties from the Canadian distributor.  Includes original box and certificate of authenticity.  Interesting trades considered.




Siltech Triple Crown Webshot - Screen Shot 2020-01-03 at 12.04.34 AM copy

LFD Reference Silver 3M speaker cables.  Excellent detail and extension at the frequency extremes.  New in stock.




SILTECH SPX300 1M power cord.  20A connector on component end.  Open box.  Replaced by the SPX380.




PS_Audio_XPS_2M_Power_Cord_RL PS_Audio_Statement_2M_Power_Cord_DL Nordost_Valhalla_1M_BNC_Open_Cardboard_Box_#2370X copy Nordost_Valhalla_1M_BNC_Cardboard_Box_#2370X copy Nordost_Valhalla_1M_BNC_Closeup_#2370X copy