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CARDAS Cross 1.25M phono cable.  Straight DIN to RCA.  Part of Cardas' Legacy Series (limited availability as they are no longer in production).  Original box.  Stock photo for reference.


LFD Grainless 1.25M RCA interconnects.  Trade-in pair.

AUDIOQUEST Water 0.5M RCA interconnects.  Trade-in, includes original box.


TRANSPARENT Balanced Digital Link cable.  1M.  In-store cash and carry.

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CARDAS Clear 2.5M speaker cables.  Banana terminations.  Trade-in pair with some blemishes, functionally sound.  Interesting trades considered.




NAIM PowerLine power cord.  Includes original box.  Trade-in.



LFD Hybrid Ribbon 5M speaker cables.  Incredible value.  Gorgeous mids and excellent extension at the frequency extremes.



KRELL Cast 3M cables re-terminated with XLR connectors. Trade-in pair.



ALBEDO Air 1 2.5M speaker cables.  Banana to banana configuration.  Excellent resolution and speed.



STAX SRE-725 headphone extension cable.  2.5M length.  In-store cash and carry.


SILTECH Emperor Crown 2M speaker cables with spades.  Guaranteed authentic...purchased from the authorized Canadian distributor.  These beauties will bring out the best from the most accomplished speakers.  Demo pair.  Includes original box.  Stock photo for reference.









LFD Digilink Tube 0.5M RCA digital cable.  Excellent resolution.  An overachiever at the price.  Includes original packaging.

CARDAS Golden Presence 2M speaker cables. Biwire configuration with 1/4" spades. Beautiful balance of resolution and tonal richness. Buy with confidence from an authorized Cardas retailer.  Trade-in pair.




CRYSTAL Cable Standard Diamond 2M RCA interconnects. Includes original box.  Trade-in pair.  Buy with confidence, these beauties were originally purchased from our shop.



SILTECH Empress Crown 1.5M XLR Interconnects.



VPI phono cable.  1.5M RCA to RCA with ground wire.  Brand new in stock.




STRAIGHT WIRE Serenade II single 4M XLR interconnect.  Includes box.  In-store cash and carry.





Transparent_Balanced_Digital_Link_GD LFD_Digilink_Tube_0.5M_RCA Stax_SRE-725_Boxed_ES Krell_Cast_3M_XLR_DB-2

PURIST AUDIO DESIGN (PAD) Aqueous Aureus Praesto Revision Phono Cable with ground lug. 1.7M length with RCA-RCA terminations. Includes original bag.





CARDAS Clear 2M power cord.  Newer production with original box.  Excellent dynamics and bass prowess.  Trade-in.  


FIM Gold 5.5 Foot power cord.  Highly regarded by the audio press and audiophiles alike.  Some blemishes, functionally sound.  In-store cash and carry.




NORDOST Blue Heaven 2M XLR interconnects with box.  Trade-in, originally purchased from us.  Approximately 6 months old.




FIM_Gold_5.5_#FIM14050_and_6_Ft_#FIM14067_Power_Cord_C&C Cardas_Cross_Phono Purist_Audio_Design_Aqueous_Aureus_Praesto_Revision_Phono_RCA_Contego_1.7M_#20141271_EW

MIT StyleLine SL6 RCA interconnects.  1M length.  Includes original box.  Trade-in pair.



LFD Spiroflex 1 speaker cables.  5 meter length. Non bi-wire.  Excellent value competing with cables at twice the price.



DH Labs Encore 5 foot power cord.   Trade-in.



SILTECH Explorer 180i 1M RCA interconnects.  Includes original box and certificate of authenticity.  



NEOTECH NEI3004 XLR 0.5M interconnects.  Includes original box.  


CARDAS Golden Presence 1.5M RCA interconnects.  Special buy on brand new factory sealed.  Pictured is our 1M RCA and XLR, also available at $499/pair.  Buy with confidence from an authorized Cardas retailer.




CARDAS Cross 2M speaker cables.  Banana to banana configuration.  Includes original box and certificate of authenticity.  




TOTEM Acoustic Tress Bi-wire speaker cables.  8 foot length, factory terminated.  Includes original box.






Cardas_Cross_2M_Speaker_B-B_#CA-3541 copy

NORDOST Vishnu power cord.  Re-terminated (not factory).  Just under 1.5M Trade-in.



CARDAS Twinlink 1M power cord. Trade-in.




PURIST AUDIO DESIGN Colossus 8 foot phono cable.  Angled DIN to RCA.  In-store cash and carry.




AUDIOQUEST YIQ-5 component cable.  1M length.  Trade-in.




CARDAS 1M AES/EBU XLR digital cable.




QED Revelation Signature 8 foot speaker cables.  Features QED's excellent Airlock connectors.  In-store cash and carry.




CARDAS Quadlink 5-C phono cable.  Angled DIN to RCA.  1.25M.  Some blemishes, functionally sound.  In-store cash and carry.



NORDOST 2Flat speaker cables.  2 meter length.  Excellent condition demo pair.  Includes original plastic case.




PS Audio Xstream 2M XLR interconnects.  In-store cash and carry.



CARDAS Parsec 1.5M XLR interconnects.  Trade-in.




MIT Oracle Z Cord III 2M power cord.  Includes original box.  



ACOUSTIC ZEN Matrix Reference II one meter RCA interconnects.  Includes original nylon bag.  In-store cash and carry.




NORDOST Frey (original series) 2 meter speaker cables. Banana termination in a shotgun configuration. World class detail, imaging and extension at the frequency extremes. Trade-in.


CRYSTAL Cable Standard Power cord.  1.5M length.  Trade-in.




Crystal_Power_Standard_1.5M_Power_#02759_D copy

CARDAS Neutral Reference 1.2M tonearm cable.  Angled DIN to RCA.  Numerous blemishes, functionally sound.  In-store cash and carry.





AUDIOQUEST NRG Wild 6 foot power cord. Features 72v DBS technology.  Includes original box.  Trade-in.



AUDIOQUEST NRG-10 6 foot power cord with 72V Dielectric-Bias System (DBS). Includes original box.  Trade-in.




AUDIO NOTE lSlS 2M XLR interconnects. Excellent detail and extension at the frequency extremes. Trade-in.




NORDOST Red Dawn 1M XLR interconnects.  Certified pre-owned.  Factory shrink wrapped...pictured right.





KUBALA Fascination 5 foot power cord.



Audioquest_NRG-10_6_Ft_JH Nordost_Tyr_0.6M_XLR_#93865_Red_Dawn_1M_XLR_Certif Cardas_Golden_Presence_2M_Quarter_Inch_Spade_Biwire_#45589_#23857_PW Siltech_Emperor_Crown_450x300 2 Acoustic_Zen_Matrix_Reference_II_1M_RCA_BM Cardas_Clear_2M_Power_Cord_with_Box_AP Cardas_Clear_2M_Power_Cord_Box_AP LFD_Grainless_1.25M_RCA_DM Netotech_NEI3004_0.5M_XLR MIT_Z_Cord_III_2M_FF Cardas_Golden_Presence_1M_RCA_and_XLR_NOS Nordost_2Flat_2M_B-B_Demo DH_Labs_Encore_5ft_Power_Cord_NT

NAIM Super Lumina speaker cables.  3M length, banana to banana configuration.  Show demo pair.  Includes original box.




ACTINOTE interconnects.  1M RCA.  In-store cash and carry.


Siltech_180i_1M_RCA_#SE2802868&78_Demo Cardas_Clear_2.5M_Speaker_Cables_B-B MIT_SL6_1M_RCA_ML




XLO Signature 3 XLR interconnects.  1M length.  Trade-in.




TRANSPARENT Balanced MusicLink Plus XLR interconnects.  1M length.  Excellent bang for the buck.  Trade-in.



TARA LABS RSC Master Gen 2 XLR interconnects.  1.7M length.  Trade-in.




CARDAS Neutral Reference 1M RCA interconnects.  Some blemishes, functionally sound.  Trade-in.



Totem_Speaker_Cables.jpg~original Actinote_1M_RCA_Edited Nordost_Vishnu_1.4M_Chopped_SC Crystal_Connect_Standard_Diamond_2M_RCA_#3033&34_EW