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Miscellaneous Items

NAIM i-Supply for Head Line.  Comes with Flashback 0.5M SLIC adaptor cable.  Minor blemish, functionally excellent.  Includes original box.  Trade-in.


REVEL Performa C-Stand (for C205 and C208 center channel speaker).  Demo unit used at TAVES.  Includes original box.  Stock photo for reference only.  




Solid Tech set of 3 Feet Of Silence. Accomplished design from one of the stars of A/V isolation. Includes original box and gloves.  In-store cash and carry.



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Spin Clean Record Washer MkII.


Revel_C-Stand.jpg Solid_Tech_Feet_Of_Silence

CLEARAUDIO Ovation dust cover. Excellent condition trade-in.  In-store pickup only please.


GINGKO Audio acrylic dust cover for the VPI HR-X turntable. Plinth version.  $419 USD MSRP (approximately $550 CAD).  In-store cash and carry.



KEYSTROBE Pulser for Garrard 401.  In-store cash and carry.


VPI HR-X Mini Feet Upgrade (Set of 4).  A worthwhile upgrade for Scout, Scoutmaster, Super Scoutmaster or Aries turntables.  $499 USD MSRP (approximately $650 CAD at the current exchange rate).  One set only.


BRYSTON 10B-SUB active crossover.  XLR.  Includes original box.  Some blemishes, functionally excellent.  



FOCAL Spirit One headphones. Highly regarded and multiple positive reviews.  Trade-in.  Includes original box.


SENNHEISER HD500 Fusion headphones with original box.  In-store cash and carry.



REVEL M Stand with silver coloured inlay.  Demo pair in beautiful condition.  Pictured under the black Totem Embers.  In-store pickup only please.


SENNHEISER HD650 headphones with original box.  In-store cash and carry.


MASTER & DYNAMIC MH40 headphones in black/navy finish.  Functionally excellent B-stock pair.  Includes original box.  








Bryston_10B-Sub_Crossover_JR Sennheiser_HD650_IZ


BDI Valera 9724 A/V rack. Beautifully built stand featuring a semi-closed aesthetic with a tempered glass shelf and stained espresso oak finish. 44" wide x 20.5" deep x 21.25" high. Some blemishes, structurally sound.  In-store pickup please, this beauty is assembled and weighs in at 117 lbs.  Our Demo Unit.


Naim_i-Supply_HeadLine_Flashback_SLIC_IB 2


BDI_Valera_9724_Demo Focal_Spirit_One