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Miscellaneous Items

HARMAN Kardon Omni 20 wireless speaker.  Bluetooth and wifi connectivity.


REVEL Performa C-Stand (for C205 and C208 center channel speaker).  Demo unit used at TAVES.  Includes original box.  Stock photo for reference only.  




HRS S1 19" x 21" platform in silver finish. GN version which is designed for gear weighing between 45-75 lbs. Minor blemishes, functionally sound. Includes original box.



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NORSTONE Design Spider hifi rack.  Black frame with black glass shevles.  Show special.  Curbside pickup please.



SPENDOR SA1 stands in wenge finish.  Factory sealed new old stock.  Pictured middle swatch.  Curbside pickup only please.


GINGKO Audio acrylic dust cover for the VPI HR-X turntable. Plinth version.  $419 USD MSRP (approximately $550 CAD).  Curbside cash and carry.



KEYSTROBE Pulser for Garrard 401.  Curbside cash and carry.


ISO ACOUSTICS Orea Graphite, Bronze, Indigo and Bordeaux.  Brand new in stock.  


HRS R3X platform.  19" x 21" version rated for equipment from 60-100 lbs.  B-stock unit with original box.  



MUSEATEX Translink-1 system interfaces. These are high quality isolation transformers. "Offers the improvements of a balanced system configuration via a standard RCA input." Just traded in.


HRS ADL record weight.  Includes original box.  Curbside cash and carry.


REVEL M Stand with silver coloured inlay.  B-stock pair in beautiful condition.  Pictured is our demo pair for reference (under the black Totem Embers).  In-store pickup only please.


Okki Nokki dust cover.  Brand new in stock.  


ROTHWELL XLR In-Line attenuators.  New, only 2 pairs remaining in stock.  Includes box.  Priced per pair.  SRP as per the previous Canadian distributor.  


$54.99 to

$99.99 Each







HARMAN Kardon Omni 10 wireless speaker. Bluetooth and wifi connectivity.




REVOX JOY remote control.  Limited use.  Some blemishes on base, functionally excellent.    


BRYSTON faceplates for 7B-ST mono blocks.  Some blemishes.  Curbside cash and carry.  Priced for the pair.  


MASTER & DYNAMIC ME05 in-ear headphones in black finish.  


STILLPOINTS Ultra SS Isolators in stock.  


$1340 Set of 4

PROTON 440 stereo tuner.  Some of the LED has faded out.  As-is for curbside cash and carry.    



MARANTZ ST-6000 AM/FM tuner.  Includes original box.



LINN LP12 armboard.  New, never used.  In-store cash and carry.    


CUSTOM AUDIO DESIGN iRap (Isolation-Resonance-Absorbing-Platform).  Black finish.  300mm x 400mm.  In-store cash and carry.    



BRYSTON BryFi.  Original version in gorgeous rosewood finish.  Our former demo unit, just over 3 years old.




SOLID TECH Solo 1 amp stand in birch finish.  1 only.




KEF speaker stands.  Designed for the Reference series 201/2.  Works well with any similar footprint.  In-store pickup please.


JPS LABS Golden Flutes Bass Alignment Filters.  Designed for Unity Audio Signature 1...extends bass quite well with many floor standers.  In-store cash and carry.  


PRO-JECT Cover-It turntable dust cover for RPM 1/5.  Brand new and factory sealed trade-in.


Revox_Joy_Remote Rothwell_Balanced_In-Line_Attenuators_AT Rothwell_In-Line_Attenuators_Box_AT





ARCAM rWand iPod/iPhone/iPad Dongle for rCube.  New old stock.  


NAIM Mu-so 2nd Generation music player.  Factory refurbished show demo unit.  Includes original box.


FOCAL Utopia headphones with Questyle QP2R Gold.  Brand New and Factory sealed.  Does not come with the 2020 style packaging.  


QUADRASPIRE Evo single shelf in cherry finish.


NORDOST Quantum QV2 Line Harmonizer.  Trade-in.  No box.


MARTIN LOGAN Mikros 70 ear phones.  Factory sealed.  Left over inventory from when we were a Martin Logan retailer.


GODAR Model 10 AM loop antenna.  Minor blemish, functionally excellent.  In-store cash and carry.



TARGET HR50 "High Rigidity" speaker stands.  20 inch height.  Does not include spikes.  In-store pickup please.


NAIM Fraim Base with Level 190mm in cherry finish.


CLEARAUDIO Magix2 magnetic isolation feet. Designed for improvements in clarity, detail and dynamics.  Set of 4.



APOLLO WT2 double wall shelf.  Silver frame with glass shelves.  Curbside cash and carry.



ARCAM rWave USB Dongle for rCube.  New old stock.




REVEL Stand for Voice2 centre channel.  Original box.  Curbside pickup please.




CRYSTAL Cable Power Strip.  Includes original box.  Demo/Refurb unit with a minor blemish, functionally excellent.  Interesting trades considered.



KIRMUSS Audio KRC-1 record cleaner brand new in stock.


STILLPOINTS Aperture acoustic panels in stock.  Designed for absorption and diffusion at the first reflection points of a system.  We heard the difference right away.  Some show demo Aperture 1 available (pictured).


BEYERDYNAMIC DT240 Pro headphones.  Includes original box and cable.  Trade-in.


NAIM FlatCap XS power supply.  This unit was originally for European voltage (used in the UK).  It was sent to the Canadian distributor for a proper voltage conversion.  Minor blemishes, functionally sound.  Includes stock power cord.  Trade-in unit.  No box.



ISO ACOUSTICS Delos turntable platform with isolators.  Available in walnut and maple finishes.



QUADRASPIRE Q4 Evo 4 shelf rack in premium bamboo finish.  Excellent condition, assembled a few months ago.  In-store pickup please.  $1200 SRP per the previous Canadian distributor.  



REGA Upgrade White Belt.  Brand new.  Recently discontinued.  Limited to current stock.





$849.99 Maple

$1099.99 Walnut

CREEK Classic Tuner in silver finish.  New old stock.  Curbside cash and carry.  


HARMAN KARDON CD101 cassette deck.  Doesn't play...for parts only.  Curbside cash and carry.


BRINKMANN tube set for RONT II.  Brand new in stock.


Iso_Acoustics_Delos_Walnut_Rega_Planar_8 copy Stillpoints_Aperture_1_Closeup copy Stillpoints_Aperture_1_Rear copy Stillpoints_Aperture_1_System copy


Bryston_BryFi_#47120011703002_Demo   copy


HRS_R3X_-1921_Green_B-Stock_60-100lbs_#HR-2484_#07 Naim_Flatcap_XS_#324xxx_JH_Re-Edit_April_7-20 HRS_S1_1921_GN_Demo_HR-2240_Retake Stillpoints_Ultra_SS


Bryston_Faceplates_7B-ST_C&C Proton_440_#P44018933_C&C JPS_Labs_Golden_Flutes_For_Unity_Signature_1_C&C Marantz_ST6000_Tuner Museatex_TransLink-1_Rear_JW Museatex_Translink-1_JW Rega_White_Belt Crystal_Power_Strip_#0057_Demo:Refurb_Closeup




MASTER & DYNAMIC ME03 headphones in gunmetal finish.  Factory sealed.