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AUDIOQUEST Rocket 88 speaker cables.  8 foot pair with banana terminations in a bi-wire configuration.  Includes box.


AURAL SYMPHONICS Optimism V1 2M glass optical cable.  Incldes acrylic case.  In-store cash and carry.

VIRTUAL DYNAMICS Revelation Series 1M XLR interconnects.  In-store cash and carry.


TRANSPARENT Balanced Digital Link cable.  1M.  In-store cash and carry.

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Kimber's highly regarded Select KS-3038 speaker cables with WBT-0610Ag spades. 8 Foot pair.  Gorgeous midrange clarity, a smooth, extended top end and explosive bass. Some blemishes, functionally excellent. Trade-in pair, includes original matching serial numbered Pelican case.  Interesting Trades Welcome.





NAIM Hi-Line interconnect.  5 to 5 pin.  Crack in plastic barrel.  Sonically sound.  Trade-in.



CARDAS Neutral Reference 0.5M XLR interconnects with the newer black heat shrink. Smooth, rich and detailed performance. Includes Cardas bag and leaflet.  Trade-in.  Buy with confidence from an Authorized Cardas retailer.  



KRELL Cast 3M cables re-terminated with XLR connectors. Trade-in pair.



SILTECH Empress Crown 1.5M XLR interconnects.  World class resolution and harmonic timbre.  Includes original box.



STAX SRE-725 headphone extension cable.  2.5M length.  In-store cash and carry.


CRYSTAL Cable Ultra Diamond 2M RCA interconnects.  Excellent condition.  Includes original box and certificate of authenticity.  Trade-in.










LFD Digilink Tube 0.5M digital cable.  Excellent resolution.  An overachiever at the price.  Includes original packaging.


LFD Grainless 1.25M RCA interconnects. Light use, approximately a year and a half old. Beautifully balanced presentation. Palpable mids with excellent treble resolution and deep, rich bass.




JPS Labs Kaptovator 2M power cord.  Well reviewed and highly regarded.  Minor blemishes, functionally excellent.  Trade-in.  $2199 SRP per the previous Canadian distributor.



CHANG Lightspeed Digital Reference Link 1M digital cable with RCA to RCA termination.  Beautifully made, Back-Locking Tellurium Copper RCA (Direct hard gold plated).  In-store cash and carry.  SRP was $350 USD.



SILTECH 770i 1M RCA interconnects.  First rate resolution and dynamics.  Ultra quiet cable allows for excellent micro-detail reproduction.  Trade-in with original box.  Buy with confidence from an authorized Siltech retailer.






ZU Mission power cord.  1.5M length.  Minor blemishes, functionally sound.





$350 USD

Transparent_Balanced_Digital_Link_GD Virtual_Dynamics_Revelation_1M_XLR LFD_Digilink_Tube_0.5M_RCA Stax_SRE-725_Boxed_ES Cardas_Neutral_Reference_Half_Meter_XLR LFD_Grainless_1.25M_RCA JPS_Labs_Kaptovator_2M_JS Krell_Cast_3M_XLR_DB-2 Aural_Symphonics_Optimism_2M

ANALYSIS PLUS Oval 12 banana to banana speaker cables. 3M length. Excellent bang for the buck.




Analysis_Plus_Oval_12_3M_B-B_BM Siltech_770i_1M_RCA_Demo Crystal_Ultra_Diamond_2M_RCA_#0934&35_AC Naim_Hi_Line_Cracked_AP