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Toll Free: 1-833-527-Eden



audioeden@rogers. com


Mon - Thurs:  11:00 to 6:00

Friday:            11:00 to 7:00

Saturday:        11:00 to 6:00

Closed Sunday

Audio_Eden_Microphone Maple_Leaf

NEW Totem Acoustic Tribe Tower Available for Audition.  Pictured in Ice Finish.


Design Features


* Unique geometric design with no parallel surfaces

* Remarkably small footprint and overall cabinet enclosure

* Phase perfected rake angle

* Matching magnetic grills

* Adjustable aluminum, rounded acoustic decoupling

* Available in white or black Satin and Design multicoated polyester finishes

Tribe Tower Ice Totem_Acoustic_Logo Bryston-BP17-Cubed Bryston_Logo

New Bryston BP17 Cubed Preamp Available for Audition

NEW Clearaudio Performance DC

Turntable in Gorgeous Rose Gold Finish

On Display

Clearaudio_Logo Benz_Micro_Ruby_Open_Air_#19318_Clearaudio_Perform