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Rega RP10 In Stock


Maple_Leaf Rega_RP10 Rega_logo vpi_LOGO

VPI Prime with 3D

Printed Tonearm in Stock.



Brinkmann_Bardo Brinkmann_Logo

Brinkmann Bardo with 10.0 Tonearm In Stock.  Call for Special Pricing.

Bryston_Logo Bryston_4B3

"...it's endowed with muscle; it is quick, dynamic, transparent, and has an iron grip of the frequency extremes but what makes the 4B3 most special is its finesse – able to conjure subtleties that engender realism."


                    - Canada HiFi (NOVO)


$5695 MSRP


Call for a Trade-in Quote Toward Any

New Bryston Product

Bryston 4B Cubed


Totem Wind On Display



A Powerful Presence


Since its inception, the Wind has been appreciated for its avant-garde design and superior sonic architecture. Its complex cabinet geometry has masterfully made this dynamic, multi-driver speaker sound “Totem Great”.


A totally unique (4x) driver 3-way speaker system, the Wind stands for flexibility and truly full-range expressiveness. The multiple midranges allow for an incredible amount of musically informative material to transpire in space with ease. The sound level possibilities of this large dynamic system also facilitate large and complex musical demonstrations. Design and performance are brought forth in a flexible and manageable equilibrium. Also available in Design finish.

Totem_Wind_Mahogany_For_Edit copy