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Aurora, On.




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Mon - Thurs:  11:00 to 6:00

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Saturday:        11:00 to 6:00

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Rega RP10 on Display


Maple_Leaf Rega_RP10 Rega_logo vpi_LOGO

VPI Prime with 3D

Printed Tonearm in Stock.



Bryston BLP-1 turntable on Display.

Bryston_Logo Bryston_4B3

"...it's endowed with muscle; it is quick, dynamic, transparent, and has an iron grip of the frequency extremes but what makes the 4B3 most special is its finesse – able to conjure subtleties that engender realism."


                    - Canada HiFi (NOVO)


$5695 MSRP


Call for a Trade-in Quote Toward Any

New Bryston Product

Bryston 4B Cubed


Totem Acoustic Fire On Display

VPI_Prime Bryston-BLP-1-Turntable Bryston_Logo Kharma_F_Red_Totem_Fire_On_Reference_3A_Stands.jpg